September 24, 2016

Sample Food Chart for 1-2 year baby

By first birthday your child should be eating from the family pot 3-4 times in a day. He should take only 2-3 breast feeds and mostly eat everyday household food and seasonal fruits.

When my daughter turned one, I was so happy to introduce all varieties of food that are restricted to below one year baby like honey, cow milk etc.

Here I provide a sample food chart for one year baby with lots of variety. Choose food according to your child interest and availability.

Morning time:

A cup of whole cream milk. Quantity of milk some time varies as my daughter very rarely finished one cup.☹


  1. Ragi uttapam / Soft idli
  2. Home made cerelac
  3. Semolina vegetable Upma/Moong daal chilla
  4. suji/rava pancake
  5. Small dosa with coconut/peanut chutney (minus chillies)
  6. Stuffed /Plain Paratha with curd
  7. 1/2 bowl of milk with cornflakes and ½ banana
  8. 1/2  bowl of vegetable poha
  9. 1 cheese potato sandwich
  10. 1 vegetable sandwich
  11. Wheat seera/halwa(will share the recipe soon)
  12. 1/2 bowl suji halwa you can add powdered cashews and almonds
  13. Oats porridge with dates puree
  14. Roti sabzi
  15. 1/2 cup dalia made with milk and add some nut powdered(almond,cashew nut etc.)
  16. 1 scrambled egg with buttered toast
  17. 1 Omelette with buttered toast.


  • Use home made ghee in your babies food
  • Never force feed your little one. Make your self satisfied with the quantity your baby have with smiling face.😀
  • Divert his mind in some activities if he show fussiness while eating.

Useful articles must have a look

Mid morning:

Seasonal Fruits are best for this time, it digest easily and make your baby hungry for lunch. Depends on the weather and health of your baby, decide your babies food. If its cold give luke warm soup instead of chass and vice versa.

  1. Steamed or raw apple
  2. Banana
  3. Papaya
  4. Chikoo
  5. Melon
  6. Other fruits like watermelon, pears, oranges etc.
  7. Chass/buttermilk is also best for this time. It soothe the stomach of your baby.
  8. Tomamto soup or vegetable soup.
  9. 1 cup fresh fruit juice

You can also prepare fruit chaat by chopping and mixing some fruits together.


  1. Vegetable Khichadi
  2. Moong daal plain khichadi,
  3. Ghee Chapati churi with soft potato 
  4. Oats meal (Sweet or with veggie)
  5. Scrambled eggs. 
  6. Daal , rice  any green veggi with yoghurt.
  7. Roti mashed in dal/milk/ any curry
  8. 1 cup vegetable pulao with ½ cup yogurt or raita.
  9. 1 small chapatti with ¼ cup chicken curry and salad
  10. ½ cup rice with ¼ cup fish curry and veggies on the side.


  1. A cup of milk(Milk in cup  not in bottle)
  2. Fruit milk shake(banana, chickoo, mango)
  3.  Lentil soup, chickpea soup, sweet corn soup, paneer pieces, cheesy sticks.
  4. Puffed or flaked rice(kurmura)(its a best time pass for kids, they really enjoy having it by picking one one pieces at a time.)
  5. Mixed vegetable cutlet with milk or shikanji
  6. Home made Paneer/cottage cheese cubes


  1.  Daal chapati or can give chapati with vegetable lentil soup
  2. Daal – rice – veggie
  3. Ghee chapati churi with date syrup or dry fruits
  4. 1 small chapatti with ¼ cup chicken curry and salad
  5. ½ cup rice with ¼ cup fish curry and veggies on the side

Dinner is almost same as lunch just avoid curd at night. Breastfeed in between when you baby demands.😀

Feed your baby whatever he likes just ensure that you avoid junk and processed food…..everything should be home made and freshly prepared.

Hope this chart help you to find variety of options for your choosy little customer.😅 Do share your baby diet plan with me. I will Love to read that.

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