The type of cloths will depend upon weather baby is expected to be born in summer or winter. The baby’s skin is very delicate and can be easily damaged by rough cloths.

Things to keep in mind when the baby is expected to born in summers

  • Cloths should be easy to wear ,comfortable and made of soft non-synthetic materials.
  • Frocks and vests should be open from back or front so that they can be easily put on and taken off.
  • Instead of buttons or hooks, valcro tapes can be used during first few months.
  • Frills and pleats should be avoided because they need lots of care and time for ironing and often look untidy.
  • Used dresses of babies elder brother or sisters or relatives can also be used. As the used cloths become very soft for babies skin.
  • You can use old sarees or shirt for stitching cloths for the babies.

Things to keep in mind when the baby is expected to born in winters

    • Couple of sweaters and pullovers should be required.
    • The sweaters should have open front or head opening should be sufficiently large.
  • You should use soft lamb’s wool for making woollies.
  • During winters you must buy caps,mittens and cocks or booties for the baby.

This hooded baby wrapper is useful in winters. I used it when i go out to visit any relatives or when I take her to the park. It is designed in such a way that your baby is covered completely without any discomfort.

It is important to remember that the baby grows very fast and soon out grows his cloths. You should not buy too many newborn sized cloths and instead buy cloths which will fit three to six months old baby.

Napkins should be made of soft and absorbent cotton material and should be sufficiently large in size to prevent any spillage of urine or stools. Triangular napkins are uncomfortable and of limited utility because it is not uncommon for the stream of urine to shoot out of the napkins specially in case of boys. A square napkin with hooks and straps are useful to keep in place without any safety pins.428227a21665a813a Now rectangular napkins are easily available in market or online. They are made of pure cotton with adsorbent material to readily soak urine and stools .

At least two dozens of napkins should be procured because most babies pass stools 4-5 times/day and void urine 10-12 times in a day. The child can be worn plastic panty over the napkin while traveling or visiting friends. It is important that napkin should be changed frequently as soon as it soiled with urine or stools to prevent unpleasant smell and occurrence of nappy rash.

Plastic panty should not be worn at home and child may even be left naked for a couple of hours(if room temperature is comfortable)for prompt and prevention of nappy rash. Disposable napkins are now available but they are exorbitantly expensive. They are mostly used for travel purposes.

Napkins after wash should be sun-dried by hanging them on a plastic cord or a stand to make the napkins germs free.

This is a waterproof mat, really very helpful. One of my neighbor suggest me to purchase it, i ordered 2 waterproof mat. when i started using it,half of my problem solve as it is easily washable and very comfortable to use. Spread it anywhere in the bed, your baby can enjoy hours of undisturbed sleep with this waterproof bed protector. … nice product. meet the expectations. You can make your baby sleep without nappy in this met as its waterproof.