117ff4fa9c6ee9672f9d953d684481f2The new born babies lack the coping mechanisms to keep themselves warm due to their poor capability to generate body heat.

Some new parents wonder what room temperature for baby is safe and comfortable. Experts recommend maintaining a room temperature between 65 to 74F, which can be monitored more easily with a room thermometer.Maintaining a comfortable temperature for your baby’s room can help your little one’s sound sleep.

When your baby is born in winter, you should be extremely careful to keep him comfortably warm.

  • The room should be kept warm with the use of heater or a hot air blower. The window should be kept close so that there is no direct draughts of cold air in the room.
  • The baby should be effectively covered with woolens from top to the toes.
  • The baby should be worn a cap to prevent heat loss.
  • You can touch the skin of the baby to assess whether he is reasonable warm or not.

During summer months, unless due precautions are taken, the new born baby may develop fever due to environmental heat.

  • The room should have proper ventilation and should be kept comfortably cool by using a fan or air conditioner.
  • The room temperature that feels slightly uncomfortable or warm to an adult is usually satisfactory to serve the biological needs of the baby.
  • The baby should be worn soft and loose cotton dresses.swaddled-newborn
  • If the room is air-conditioned the baby should be kept away and at one side of the room and should be effectively covered.
  • When a baby is sweating profusely over the forehead and neck, it means he is over clothed and when his hands are cold to touch, he needs to be more effectively covered.


Ideal Room Temperature for Baby in Different Seasons

  • Spring

After the cold winter, you may be tempted to open the window to welcome spring, but it is better to wait until the temperature rises above 65F, especially at night. This will give your new baby a more comfortable sleep and will prevent pollens in early spring from entering your house.

  • Summer

Make sure your house temperature won’t fall below 68F in summer, and set the thermostat at 72F. This temperature level is comfortable for your baby and also helps lower the power bill.

  • Fall

You can open windows in early fall to let your babies breathe fresh air. You can keep your house temperature to go as low as 65???F, but when the temperature drops lower, shut the windows and add some heat. Use security bars to keep toddlers from falling off the windows.

  • Winter

House temperatures may be kept as high as 74F in winter. You can also bundle up your baby to keep her warm, but not too hot. Cooler night temperatures will make her sleep better, especially if she is kept warm by a wearable blanket. At daytime, keep the rooms in your home at stable temperatures, usually between 65F to 74F.

Ideal Room Temperature for Baby in Different Times of the Day

Ideal Daytime Temperature

It is best to keep the baby’s room at a stable temperature at daytime. If your baby is sweating, remove a layer of clothing as necessary. If she has unusually cold hands, turn up the temperature by one or two degrees.

Ideal Nighttime Temperature

The ideal temperature for a baby’s room at night is between 65-70F. Like adults, they tend to sleep more soundly when the temperature is slightly cooler than normal. Infants fall into asleep much easier without blankets, so don’t counteract the cool temperature with heavy blankets.

It is a common almost in all babies that they don’t want to use blankets. My daughter through the blanket with her little legs by putting her all efforts. So I doesn’t make her sleep in the direct contact of fan and air conditioner.
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