March 18, 2016

Churma – Prefect instant food for baby while traveling.

Churma is made using wheat flour, sugar, home made ghee and water.

Food is a big issue while traveling with baby.I remember when my daughter was just 9 month old, we went to Thailand. At that time my expert mother-in-law prepared churma for her because it long last for more than a week. It helped me a lot and my daughter took it easily because of its taste. When I reaches the hotel, I kept it in the refrigerator so that it last long.

Without wasting much time , I’ll just jump to the recipe…😜

Ingredients Required

  1. Wheat Flour – 250gm or as according to the requirement
  2. Home made ghee – 4 to 5 tsp
  3. Water – for making dough
  4. Salt
  5. Sugar or jaggery powder
  6. Cardamom powder – optional
  7. Almond Powder – Optional

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  • Sugar and salt should be avoided until baby completes one year.
  • First try to give churma without adding any sugar or salt. If baby take it easily , then no need to add sugar or salt.
  • Put the churma in the refrigerator in night if you want to use it for a week. It fridge is not available discard it after 3 to 4 days or use your own judgement for its quality.

Method of preparation


  1. Mix wheat flour and ghee well and make a tight rough dough by adding water to it.Dough must be tight and rough. Add a very little amount of water
  2. Take small portion of dough in hand and shape  it  in the shape of your fist and press with your fingers in the center of each portion to make an indentation (as shown in the images ).
  3. Heat the ghee in a deep  kadhai and deep-fry, a few dough portions at a time on a low flame, till they are golden brown in color from all the sides. These will take a long time to fry as the insides also need to be cooked.
  4. Take it out in a big plate, let it be cool down.
  5. Break it into small pieces than grind it properly in a blender.
  6. Add melted ghee to the churma to make it more soft and healthy for your baby.
  7. Divide the churma in two equal portion.
  8. Add sugar powder or jaggery powder,almond powder and cardamom powder in one portion according to babies age and taste.
  9. Add salt to the other portion of churma.
  10. Put both the sweet and salty churma in separate air tight container.2cd9fe775c4068807860021bd44fee6e

l Churma-Collage-2-754x1024



  • Take 1 or 2 spoon of salty churma in a bowl, add luke warm water to it and mix it well.  You can change its consistency by adding more water to it. give this to your baby. he will love this definitely.
  • If you want to give the churma with milk add luke warm  milk  to the sweet churma , mix it well and make  thin paste. Serve it to your baby with a small spoon. hopefully he will love it.
  • In many places specially in Rajasthan  , sweet churma is served with daal bati also. Its a great combination.



Hope this healthy traveling food ease your traveling with baby. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt related to the preparation.

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