June 19, 2016

Mouth watering Aam papad

Since my childhood I am a great fan of aam papad and in every summer vacation my nanimaa prepare it for me. But now because of health issues she is not able to prepare it.😔  But I don’t want to fade my childhood memories and want to make my daughter aware of its taste and goodness. Earlier she loved the taste of ready made  aam papad, because she never tasted home-made aam padad. 😢But as a mother I can’t trust its quality. So want to pass my nanimaa’s asset to next generation. And started preparing this at home. And yesss, my daughter love it’s taste and when she eat aampapad, I am also able to cherish my childhood memories.😊

So here is the easy recipe of mine manpasand Childhood ke aam papad ..

I prepared in a very easy way as much I can

Ingredients required

4-5 large size mango – Mango Should be properly ripen and pulpy
Sugar/brown sugar – Half bowl
1/2 teaspoon Elachi powder – optional

Foil paper – according to the quantity

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Method of Preparation

  1. Take out the pulp from mangoes.
  2. Grind it well and make a fine puree.
  3. Put the mango puree in a pan and lit the gas in medium flame.pic1
  4. Stir it constantly till heat bubbles are seen. At least for 15 to 20 minutes. Time can fluctuate according to the quantity.
  5. Now mix the sugar and elaichi powder.pic2
  6. Stir it for 5 more minutes so that the sugar dissolved well.
  7. Try to evaporate the water for next 3-4 minutes. Its color slightly change after adding the sugar.pic3
  8. Switch off the flame
  9. Allow it to cool down properly.
  10. Pour 2 tbs of mixture into a small thali lined by foil paper and spread it well. See the images foe clarification
  11. It should be 2-3 mm thick at least  so that we can lift it properly when  it dries.pic4
  12. The mixture becomes very sticky as it dries up and impossible to lift up if poured directly without foil paper
  13. I tried muffins paper and foil paper. Foil paper gives the best result. Aam papad comes out easily from it.

Now comes the most difficult part – drying the mixture.😁 I ate almost half the aam padap in its drying process. 😛



I used solar energy to dry it. Put the plates in the porch from 10 am to 6 pm where the sun rays come after covering it with net. In some houses sun rays doesn’t come directly, so At least put it in place where warm air of sun come and switch on the fan it helps in drying it. It take  2-3  days to dry completely. If you want to store it for some days dry it completely, it become like papad.

Here comes your aam papad. Hope you all are aware of the benefits of mango. You can visit Mango Shake “Very healthy for babies/toddlers/kids for preparing mango shake and getting acknowledge with the benefits of mango.


It is good for 1 year plus baby.

Hope you and your family enjoy its taste.

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If you like the recipe do share it with your friends and please please please do comment if you have any query related to it.😀


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