February 25, 2021

Multiple uses of Curry leaf/Kadi patta powder for healthy hair and body

Indian herbs are best if we use it properly🍃🍃. In my childhood days I used to take out curry leafs from my food if I found any in my food.😜,because that time I am completely unaware of its benefits but once I grown up and come to know about its benefit,  I started adding it in many of the food items and make my daughters eat that too. 👩‍👧‍👧And the best part is it actually enhance the taste of the food.😋

Curry leaves are packed with antioxidants that may protect your body by reducing oxidative stress and scavenging free radicals.

How to Use curry leafs in your day to day life

1.Can be added with heena while applying on hair. It makes the hair strong, and prevent hair-fall.

2.It prevent premature greying of hair.💆‍♀️

3. Good for reducing weight. I used to add good amount of curry leaf powder in my weight loss powder.

3.Can be added in coconut chutney.

4.Solve many stomach related problem.

5.It treats various gastrointestinal issues diarrhea, controlling diabetes, improving eyesight, and reducing stress.Curry leaves contain various antioxidant properties which aid digestive issues

6.U can add in mathri/suhali to give different flavor and color.

7.Can be used in giving tadka  to  daal,kadhi,raita, idlii, sambhar  etc.

So what are you thinking, 🤔plant a curry leaf plant or if have just start caring it more.It just need water nothing else.😃 And please share any recipe that include curry leafs . I will definitely share it on my blog with everyone.

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