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How to engage kids at home/ Engaging activity for kids / Learning Activity for kids

Schools are closed, garden, park,  extra activity classes everything are closed.  2020 is very challenging for everyone.  We can’t send kids anywhere because of the risk of this virus, so engaging them at home is a big task for all parents.  And if we don’t engage them they just start watching phone or television. Because...Read More

Best kadha(Decoction) to improve Immunity

We all are aware of the current situation the whole world is facing. With efforts and precautions we will definitely overcome from this crucial stage. 🥪🥨. Strong immunity plays a very important role in fighting any kind of diseases or any kind of virus that are very active these days. If our immunity is strong,...Read More

Surya Namaskar- A blessing for kids to old age people

Surya Namashkar is as compulsory as  brushing,bathing and eating.😊The beneficial effects of suryanamaskar can be applied to all schools to improve the physical health and sports activities of the students.🌈 Suryanamaskar is considered as the best exercise as it consists of important Yogasanas and Pranayamas.🧎‍♀️💪  The Pranayama and its advantages are skillfully incorporated in Suryanamaskar,...Read More

Multiple uses of Curry leaf/Kadi patta powder for healthy hair and body

Indian herbs are best if we use it properly🍃🍃. In my childhood days I used to take out curry leafs from my food if I found any in my food.😜,because that time I am completely unaware of its benefits but once I grown up and come to know about its benefit,  I started adding it...Read More

Finding Time for Your Children – 4 Key Time Management Tips for Parents

The modern lifestyle takes its toll on family life.  Many parents are crucified between their business obligations and their family matters.  A large number of partners and spouses have to work overtime to keep their jobs or just to make ends meet.  As a result, they can’t spend as much time with their children as...Read More

Teach the importance of worship to your kids- a Key for Mental Peace

Now we  are living in a world where all are busy in competing someone else. Parents are busy in teaching their kids all shots of things that are required for their better future, required for competing the complex world. But in between this we parents forgot to teach our kids how to gain mental peace....Read More

Involve kids in kitchen this vacation by Fireless Cooking-Here is the interesting recipes

Every parents wants that their kids learn singing,dancing, painting etc etc..But as a parent we ignore a very important art that our kids must learn and this skill is going to help them throughout their life… Guess what??? Yes its cooking Cooking is a perfect occasion for you to bond with your kids, if they...Read More

Soft Soft Rava Mini idli..- Healthy and Tasty

I came to know about Mini Idli after my marriage, it is a very regular and famous dish prepared in almost  every house of Bhilwara. Finally I also tried my hands in it when I noticed that my daughter is showing much more interest in small small idli rather than big one. It is very...Read More

Why early learning is so important???

Researchers show that half of the child’s adult intelligence is formed during the first 5 years. That is why it is very important that parents have to provide their child the best possible environment at home and choose a preschool which has a stimulating environment that will shape his entire life. Our little ones brain...Read More