October 18, 2016

remedies for gas

  • Apply hing around navel. U should give hing with one spoon water or mix the hing with breast feed .
  • Avoid chana daal, cholle, rajma, tuver daal, potato, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal n papad. Chew saunf afta every meal. Give colic aid or neopeptine drops to yo baby
  • Once the baby turns over in a month or two, colic problem will stop by itself. So you can make a choice to endure. Till then, on a betal leaf, apply a little castor oil, just make it warm by showing it above a flame (gas). It should just become warm, bearable hot(not hot/ burnt) Then place it on the baby’s stomach (avoid the naval). The betal leaf will stick to the stomach, Once the gas goes, it will fall off / you can take after some time. I have also used something called vasambu applied externally on the stomach (http://a1tamilnadu.com/vasambu-for-babies/). Vasambu is used for pretty much any ailment smile emoticon in my hometown. None of the paediatric drops – Colic aid…& so many worked for my daughter, so this is what I did.
  • Colic is very common among babies and it will vanish in another one or two months.. But if it very bothersome you can try giving saunf water (same as colic aid syrup without any chemicals). – put a teaspoon of saunf in 2 cups of water and boil.. Strain and give two spoons to baby while slightly warm.. You can give this thrice in the day (like our meal timings morning noon n night).. Safe and no side effects.. I’ve done this with my daughter. Hope this helps.. Also burping after every feed is a must and gentle massage in clockwise direction around the naval is also helpful
    • put her on your shoulder for 15 minutes and try to make her burp even if she is sleeping. I know it gets tiring, but does help a lot. I used to track 15 minutes on a clock literally.
    • Baby to jitni baar bhi milk do honey daal k do aapko jldi frk ddikhega
  • Mix half a spoon of hing with water to make a sticky paste out of it.
    Apply this paste on your baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction around the navel area when she is feeling colicky.
    Remember the paste should not touch the navel. You can press a wet cotton ball on the navel while applying the paste.
    Alternatively, mixing hing with olive oil or mustard oil can also give you the same results.
    After application of the paste, allow it to cool and dry on its own.
    It might take some time for the hing to work on your child’s colic and give relief, but results are usually good.
    Once the paste dries, try to burp your baby which will give relief from the gas and reduce stomach pain. Here is the right way to burp your baby.
    After a while, wipe off the area with a wet washcloth
  • Mustard oil or hing milake navel pe lagao…it help alot
  • u chew saunf while bf to ur baby n apply hinng on naval of baby
  • Mere baby ko bhi yahi problem thi.give him colicaid drop and neopeptine drop.u dont eat chola rajma maida stuff.
  • Soak saunf in water overnight. Strain it, add some mishri n have it. Have 1 glass on alternate days.

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