??? The child is the barometer of the family’s emotional climate. Behavior and psychological problems in children are a reflection of inter-parental marital conflicts….???

The best safeguard to ensure harmonious development of personality and character of the child is to have well adjusted happy ,contented and mature parents. Children need both mother and father for their optimal care, development and emotional support.

The parents must know the basic or constitutional personality make-up and aptitude of their children and provide them with the right kind of stimulation,supervision and support to bring out the best in them. Happy and well-adjusted parents produce happy children while maladjusted parents produce maladjusted children who grow to become maladjusted adults.

When there are constant bickering and fights among parents the child is scared, depressed aisnd confused. The child loses interest in play activity in his school. He loses the zeal and enthusiasm in life. If he sees the constant use of abusive language and violence at home, he is likely to become aggressive and antisocial in his behavior.

The children of separated parents or single parent go through tremendous turmoil in their lives.

When father is an alcoholic,children and their mother may become victims of his physical abuse. When a child is manifesting a serious behavior problems, it gives a signal that something is wrong in the family.