Children are fully dependent on their parents for all their needs and desire. Your each promise is just like a hope for your baby. But promising your child each and every time for letting things to be done by him is wrong. As it decreases the value of promises and children don’t show interest in fulfilling the work that you assign to them.

Whenever parents break their promises, it break the child’s heart and shatter his trust. So don’t made promises casually to your

Make promises you can keep :

When your child is not ready to go to school ,you promise him that you will take him to the ice cream parlor. But you know it well as it is not possible for you at office hour. So when you promise him next day to something else he don’t trust you and it will break his heart and as well as trust on you. So always make promises you can honor.

Make a new promise in case the old one is unfulfilled :

If due to some unavoidable circumstances you are not able to keep your promise ,firstly explain the reason to your child that why you are not able to fulfill the promise and then make a fresh promise. Allow him to express his disappointment instead of saying ” It’s not that a big deal !”. Say sorry to your child ,it doesn’t decreases your value but although it increases your respect in front of your child.

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Don’t promise everything or anything :

 Don’t commit everything to your child. children loose their charm of promise you all the time you do promise in front of him and obviously you won’t be able to remember all of them.Father kissing daughter goodbye in front of school bus

And it also decreases the value of things if you started providing him everything.


Use promise as ‘reward and not as ‘bribe’ :

Promise your child a holiday, a movie , a toy or a chocolate for respecting elders,scoring good in exams ,cleaning his room or being helpful but not for letting you watch the serial or chat on the phone.

Honor your promises to teach the child integrity of words 

When you keep your words, the child learns the importance and value of making commitment. He will get inspired to keep his promises made not only to you but to anybody.

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