January 13, 2016

Different Learning activities for 1 to 2 years baby

Now a days parents are so concerned about the overall development of their babies. Many mothers asks me that their baby is going to be 1 , so what things should they teach their little one?
I used to tell them, 1 year, oh my God! What can we teach to one year baby? They are so small to learn anything.
But I was wrong. One week back, my cousin sis in law come with her one year baby doll.
When I saw her, I was just wondering if my daughter looked so small someday?
Then I recalled my time, when I also behave like an anxious mother and never miss a chance to teach Nirvi.

If we try, we can teach small small things to our little one and believe me baby really enjoy grasping things.

The best way for your baby to learn is when you hold him and play with him. Don’t just leave him alone in his crib or with his toys.

Make him learn things when he is alert and attentive and not when exhausted, sleepy or hungry.

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Babies learn through repetition and you should repeat things till baby is no longer interested or he is bored.

Things that we can teach to one year and above….

  • Hello and Bye– One year old easily learn to wave his hands. When a guest or any family member going out from the house, ask your champ to wave his hand and say bye. Obviously he can’ t speak bye so early but when you say bye your intelligent baby start waving his hand.
  • Namaskar – Put the seed of good things in him when he started understanding things. when you say jai jai, he just fold his hands and do namaskar. It was the happiest moment for me when my daughter do pranam in-front of god. Kids learn easily what they see at home.

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  • Sit and Stand – Almost all baby starts standing by one year of age. They can stand without support and walk with support, may take few steps independently or can run around the house. You can teach him the word stand and sit just with a little effort.
  • Body parts – You can teach him some body parts that we point on daily basis. Say eyes and blink your eyes, say nose and take a deep breath, say lips and do open and close your lips. In this manner you can teach your baby the body parts and they just love learning it.
  • Music and Dance Time – Music has tempo, rhythm, melody and harmony and it stimulates the brain in many ways. Babies love to listen to music and are crazy to dance on different tunes which they love. You can purchase musical instruments like baby Casio, piano etc Generally, their first dance step is lifting their both hands and bending knees and bounce. You can teach them easy dance steps like holding their waist and moving their neck. It was an amazing feeling when your baby dances along with you.

  • Colors colors all around – Children are attracted through different colors around them. Let them focus on different objects of different colors and start telling the color’s name. Children love red color so start from red. Let him play with toys that have differ
  • This wooden blocks I purchased when Nirvi was One year old, now she is 3.5 , still she enjoys playing with it.

  • Learning through Toys – Children and toys are inseparable. Children are greatly fascinated and inspired by toys which enhance their imagination and creativity. Toys provide company, relieve boredom and stimulate the neuromotor development of the child. I used my daughter’s shape toys to teach her different shapes and colors.
  • This toy is gifted by my sister and I am always thankful to her as Nirvi really enjoyed playing with it, and she learn the shapes easily .

A child explore his environment with all types of spontaneous pranks and activities which he should be allowed to do independently without constant shouts of ” no dear” or “stop it”, all the time.

Let his individuality unfold spontaneously but under your watchful eyes so his curiosity is not a cause for any harm to him.This room was prepared by my husband and me for our daughter as her play room. She enjoys playing in her room as it is full of toys and she ask everyone to sit in her room.

I hope this article will help mothers to teach their babies.

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