What you think, perform, do is directly effects your baby during pregnancy.
You must be completely relaxed and at peace with the outside world during pregnancy.
During pregnancy you should not feel depressed , anxious or frightened.
You should keep yourself busy in household chores and office routine as before.

Listen to your body. If you’re feeling exhausted, go to bed early. Your body is working hard to nourish your growing baby and you need all the sleep you can get.

You should learn the art of relaxation and deep breathing exercises which would be a great help to you during labor and child birth. Yes, friend breathing exercises like “Bhramri”, “Anulom vilom” helps me a lot in getting relaxed during my pregnancy time.
During relaxation and meditation , you can turn your positive and vibrant thoughts inwards towards your growing baby.
Before dozing off to sleep,you can recite ever night ???Hanuman chalisa??? , “Gayatri Mantra” or kirtan sohla??? to send messages of bravery,boldness and courage to your baby???.
In this periods you can ready your granthas or holy books like Ramayana, Geeta, Quaran,Bibrelaxing your selfle etc.


Positive Attitude :?? Adopting a positive attitude in life is sure to bring about a lot of changes in your pregnancy life. This is very important during the time of pregnancy. Keeping a positive attitude will contribute much to an optimistic state of mind. This is one of the most important tips to stay calm during pregnancy.

Keep A Balance During pregnancy :???? You will?? be overwhelmed, especially with the other responsibilities that you have. So, it is very important to find a balance in work and family responsibilities, which provides calmness during pregnancy. You will need to find time to relax and to ensure that you have a healthy body and mind. Sensible eating and exercise will also boost the health. Quality Relationships You will also need a good support system to maintain your stress levels. Good family bonds will provide a sense of safety and will ensure continuous support. This will also help in boosting the positive emotions, well being and happiness. The tips to stay calm during pregnancy should include a good support system with family and friends.

Meditate Meditation is the best idea to calm your mind. This will help you to separate yourself from all the worries of life and maintain a very peaceful state of mind. All that is needed is a fifteen minutes of meditation. You can get proper training from an instructor or trainer to do it with all its perfection.

Yoga Yoga is the most effective way to balance your hormones. This will in turn help in keeping yourself calm and relaxed. Make sure that you are medically fit to perform yoga during pregnancy. Yoga will maintain the perfect balance of your mind, body and spirit.

Eating Well Fatty acids that are rich in omega-3 are excellent for managing depression and this is also good for the brain development of your child. Having nuts will also help in boosting mood. Follow a well-balanced diet.


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