Potato mash for the baby and kids

Potatoes are rich in starch and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Potato Mash is ideal for 7 month plus babies and kids. This is one of the foods which can help your baby to put on weight. You can give boiled as a finger food too when baby is 10month plus.

I gave it to my daughter in different forms as she usually get bored with the same taste. In her 7months to 1 year period I gave her in properly mashed form. After that I sometime make a small pieces of potato after boiling and roast it in the hot pan with little bit of butter and sprinkle little amount of salt.



Things required :

1 medium sized potato boiled

salt – a pinch

roasted cumin powder  a pinch(optional)


Wash the potato thoroughly in a running water and peeled its outer covering. Pressure cook a potato for 5-8 whistles or till its mashy in consistency. Once cooled down, add pinch of roasted cumin powder, and pinch of salt and mash to a smooth consistency. Sometime I add 1 -2 drop of lemon juice to it just to change the taste and make it more healthy.

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