July 18, 2020

How to engage kids at home/ Engaging activity for kids / Learning Activity for kids

Schools are closed, garden, park,  extra activity classes everything are closed.  2020 is very challenging for everyone. 

We can’t send kids anywhere because of the risk of this virus, so engaging them at home is a big task for all parents.  And if we don’t engage them they just start watching phone or television.

Because of this online classes going on for kids they are already spending so much time on phone.

So friends I am here with some very very interesting learning videos that help you  to engage your kids in many activities.

So here is the first activity…

1. Fireless cooking

This is the best time to teach kids the importance of cooking and the skill of cooking . And starting with fireless cooking is one of the best and safest idea for kids. Watch this interesting video of me and my daughter how we are enjoying the cooking, and I m sure your kid will also enjoy if you teach them the  same way I am teaching.

You can also see some interesting activity post here…

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2. Easy and interesting paper crafts

Paper craft is one of the best brain exercise  for kids. With just a piece of paper when our kids learn to make different different objects they started loving and enjoying it.

3. Involve them in some entertainment activities

Join them in some of there favorite activities like dancing, painting or singing. See how me and Nirvi enjoyed dancing together.


one more is also there…sometime it become hectic to get ready and then making video but believe me friends after few  days once you watch your own video, your soul again filled with new energy. So get ready and start dancing with your little munchkins , and don’t forget to share your experience with me.

Take this lock-down as a golden opportunity and give your kids all the values of life that we get from our parents.

Once school re-open  the busy schedule get start and we all become busy to attend school, colleges, office and social functions and many more. So utilize this me time and give your kids “The value of Life”.

Here is the another video showing how you can teach lots of other things to your kids.

I utilize my bedtime in teaching her these mantras, while going to bed we both chant all these mantras together , so within a month she learned all these.


So  this much is enough for now , will come very soon with more interesting activities. If you like the videos and activities do subscribe my channel and don’t forget to share your experiences with me

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