September 9, 2016

How to choose toys according to age of your baby..

Toys provide company, relieve boredom and stimulate the neuromotor development of the child. Children are greatly fascinated and inspired by toys which enhance their imagination and creativity. Really children and toys are inseparable.🙂

The brain gets stimulatory messages through our eyes (bright colors, flickering lights), ear ( music, lullabies, rhymes and different sounds), touch ( shape, size, texture of objects)  and a combination of all of the above characteristics.


The most suitable toy is the one, which is most appropriate to serve the special need of the child depending upon his age and development status or functional capabilities. It would look stupid to buy a car for a newborn baby or a rattle for a two year old!😝

Child explores his environment with all types of activities which he would be allowed to do independently without constant shouts of “no dear” or “stop it”, all the time. Let his individuality unfold spontaneously but under your watchful eyes so that his curiosity is not a cause for any harm to him.

Below I have provided links of some toys that I used for my daughter and some am I still using.

Birth – 3 months

  • Brightly colored stationary or moving objects affixed to the crib.
  • Toys with soft soothing music
  • Small rattles and squeaky toys
  • MP3 player or music box: Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe your infant. Play a variety of music — nothing too raucous — and see how she responds. 
  • Sock and wrist rattles: Attach a soft rattle to your baby’s wrist or ankle, or warm her feet with socks that have built-in rattles to provide long moments of entertainment as she experiments with new sounds she can make herself.

My daughter really enjoys her-socks and wrist rattles.


I purchase this lighting toy one of my friend;s son, ans she told me later that her son really enjoys it.


4-7 months

    • Soft balls and soft animals which make pleasant sounds.
    • Toys with finger holds
    • Sensory toys: A soft toy that trills or tweets when pressed will please a baby.
    • Rattles -where child can see the pieces making sound.

this bath tub is very handy and reasonable to use. My daughter really enjoy bathing in it. And its comfortable too.

  • Board books: Reading to a child at any age will pay off. Board books are good for babies because these can withstand mouthing, drooling, and most other forms of baby love. Some board books even have different textures your baby can feel.


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8-12 months

This duck family is a paisa wasul toy. I started using it when my daughter is just 4 months old. And still she enjoy it in her bathtub. I recommend, every parent must have this duck family for their baby.

  • Cubes, cups and pails( small bucket) without breakable parts.
  • Squeeze toys
  • Balls of different sizes ( but not small enough to fit in the mouth)
  • Teething ring
  • Soft dolls and puppets
  • Building blocks for stacking
  • Cars, truck and other vehicles made of flexible plastic
  • Push pull toys
  • Card board books with large pictures of animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, vehicles etc.
  • Toy telephones or cell phones.

1-2 years

  • Vehicles like cars, trucks, bus, fire engines, jeeps, vans ,trains, aeroplanes etc.Mostly boys love this type of toys I noticed it in many babies.
  • Dolls of all sizes and regional costumes. Dolls are liked by girls mostly.
  • Bath toys (boats,floating, squeak toys). Babies really enjoy playing with toys while bathing.
  • Inflatable swimming pools
  • Connecting toys and simple jig saw puzzles.
  • Push and pull toys

  • Digging toys (bucket, shovel, rake)
  • Unbreakable container of all shapes and size
  • Child keyboard and musical instrument.
  • Ball of different sizes (but not small enough to fit in the mouth)
  • Outdoor toys (swing, slides,sand box)

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3-5 Years

    • Crayons and drawing and tracing material
    • Card board story books
    • Dummy guns and pistols( without firing capability)
    • Building sand castles
    • Play house
    • Picnic tent
    • Educational Cds with cartoon characters.
    • Role modeling sets: Kitchen set, doctor set, police set, garden set, camping set, beach set, workshop set etc.
    • Tricycle
    • Musical instruments
    • Jigsaw puzzles and building blocks
    • Plasticine and clay modeling
    • Picture books
    • Dolls and her different dresses
    • Kids of this age group loves to play with clay, prepare clay at home for your baby.

School going children

      • Quizzing games like scrabble, boggle, spell-o-fun, count-down, match-the right answer etc. My daughter really enjoys all this above mind games.
      • Lego games (mechanical blocks of different complexity).
      • Swimming costume and swimming kit.
      • Indoor games: eudo, cluedo, snakes and ladder, monopoly, chinese checker, chess, carrom board, pictionary set etc.
      • Outdoor games like racquets for table tennis, badminton, tennis, cricket bat, volleyball, football, frisbee, skipping rope etc.

  • This scooty is really a wow for kids. My daughter really enjoys its ride and moves in the whole house . I gave her when she is 3 and half.
  • Bicycle – give company to your little one.
  • Music of liking on audio,video and cds. I used to play my daughters favorite music when she wake up in the afternoon for her dance classes. Music refreshes her mood.
  • Computer games. But fix a time for computer games because its a type of addiction.
  • Role-play games like sitting room set, kitchen set, bathroom set, teacher set,doctor set etc. Clear your kids doubt when they ask for particular things present in the game
  • Parents please remember one thing, Don’t watch too much television in front of your kids. I have noticed most of my daughter’s friend is addicted to television and instead of playing outdoor games they spend much of their time watching cartoons.

Hope this article will help you in choosing the right toys for your baby.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt related to the article.

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ref: The art and science of baby and child care

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