Food chart for 3-4 year school going kids

When your kiddo complete his/her three year, its the time for the mother to relax a bit as now your baby is all set to go to school.

My daughter is good in everything except eating  . This is the one and only one problem that I am facing after she completed her six month. My mother – in law always console me by saying , when she will started going school. A proper routine will set and she learn to finish her food without saying much no. It actually happen. 😀 At least she finishes small paratha that I packed in her lunch box. Now her sleeping and fooding routine is set finally.

Morning to evening diet plan for school going kids.

  • Soaked almonds /munakka/walnuts at night and give them after peeling it off.. Let me tell you what I do,   I handed over 8-10 almonds to my daughter and ask her to distribute among us. She likes this idea and finishes her share easily.
  • For morning time apple is also a good option. Can give two to three slice of apple as a finger food . kids can finish this while roaming here and their.
  • After half an hour, give a small glass of milk with 2-4 biscuits(preferably wheat flour biscuits) or a slice of cheese or vegetable sandwich. You can add kesar badam mix powder to the milk to enhance the flavor and richness of milk.

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  • If the school is at late hours you can prepare upna/poha /idly/uttapam etc. for your kid before  they go to school.
  • Full your kids lunch box with nutritional food or the good food which he resist to take at home. Because pre- school is a place where your choosy kiddo started to learn lots of things specially finishing the lunch box. And I know this is the most satisfactory part for a mother
  • Paratha and sabzi is best at lunch box. You can give a twist in the lunch box by putting different vegetables and different paratha (stuffed paratha with paneer or potato or mix veg) . Or you can try party paratha my daughter’s all time favorite.eating-lunch
  • You can replace the menu of lunvh box once in a week for a change with Poha/ upma/uttapam /sandwiches etc.
  • When your little one come from school, give them enough time to explain what they did in the school. Give your full attention to them. Check their lunch box in front of your kiddo, if they finished it properly show your good expression by saying,  You are my good baby, I love u beta. But if some food remains in the lunch box make a sad face that is enough for your baby to understand that, you feel bad.
  • Small glass of lassi/chach/banana shake/or any other shake or half paratha with a bowl of yogurt(sweet or salted) is enough for your kid to get a nice sleep of 1-2 hour. Fresh Yogurt is one of the must food you have to include in your kids daily diet plan. Preferable time for giving curd is mid -noon when sun is in its pick. Avoid curd if baby is suffering from cold.
  • In winters, if your baby is having cold you can replace curd with warm soup.
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  • Coconut water is good for the baby . Change the menu by bringing coconut for your baby. My daughter started dancing when she saw coconut with a straw in it. She finishes the water as she wanted to have the cream inside it.
  • After your kid wake up cherish there mood then bring a proper food for him. Rice or Roti +daal+any vegetables. Can add one or 2 slices of tomato. Don’t forget to add a spoon of home made ghee in daal or khichidi.
  • After 2 to 3 hour give a small glass of milk with any nuts or fruit  or a slice of wheat cake which they loves to eat .
  • It is a good practice if mother take dinner with their kids, children feel good if their mother sit beside them and have their food with them.
  • Roti(missi or plain)+sabji or dalia for the dinner.
  • If your kid is a late sleeper as mine give half small glass of milk , can add a pinch of turmeric powder specially in winters.


  • Include your child in family meals by encouraging him or her to select foods from whatever is being served to the entire family, rather than making a separate “kids” meal you know he or she will eat.
  • Encourage your preschool age child to track the colors of their foods . He will become more interested to have different vegetables of different colors.


  • Try to have food with your baby. Eating with your child  is a great way to bond and model healthy attitudes toward eating.
  • Never bribe your child with physical things for finishing the food. You can encourage your baby to finish the food by saying , I will go for a walk with you or I will play hide and seek with you or other game which he or she loves to play with you.
  • You can try milk and roti also. My daughter take it easily. Just take half bowl of milk and put  small pieces of roti in it with a pinch of  sugar or half spoon honey. This is also a healthy food as sometime the vegetables we prepared for everyone was not liked by our choosy little customer.

                                                       Sample Diet Plan

7.30Early Morning4 almonds(soaked overnight) or 2-3 slice of apple
8 to 8.30After half an hour1glass milk(mix kesar badam powder to it) + vegetable sandwich/cheese sandwich / 2-4 wheat biscuits
10.30Lunch boxParatha + any vegetable/poha / uttapam/upma/ idly chutney.
12.30 to 1After school hoursSoup(tomato,mix veg etc)/lassi/shakes/half paratha and a bowl of curd or any fruit of her interest(Opt for any one)
3 to 3.30After your baby wake upRice/paratha+ vegetables+ dal(give 1 or 2 slice of tomato) or vegetable khichidi
5.30 to 6Evening time1 glass milk+a hand ful of nuts(almonds,pista,walnuts etc.) or any fruit. Avoid citrus fruits with milk like orange.
7.30 to 8Dinner time1 fulka +vegetables(that is prepared for the family) + dal(optional) or (rice+dal+vegetables) or (vegetable dalia )or (milk and sweet dalia.)
9.30 to 10Late nightMilk with a pinch of turmeric in it.
Food to AvoidFood to Take
Fried food, road side food,cream, mayonnaise, mutton, meat, fried chicken , packed food, chocolates etc.Milk, milk products, green vegetables, fruits, yogurt, nuts, egg, chicken, pulses, home made ghee,whole grain etc

Note : The food chart I mentioned above is just a sample one. You can made changes in the food and timing as per your needs or what suits you more.

Mothers you all know well, kids of this age group is not so easy to handle specially when food come in front of them. So keep trying by making the fooding time a fun time or learning time for your kiddo.

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Please do share some different ideas or food recipes that you give to your kids as my daughter is 3.5 now.

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