Is baby alright?, did he have any problems to establish spontaneous breathing etc.tvh

When baby cries immediately after birth, establishing spontaneous breathing without any difficulty and does not suffer from any lack of oxygen to the brain,it is most reassuring to the family.

The net concern and anxiety of the parents is weather the child is normal or has any development defects. It is most reassuring to learn that there are no visible or identifiable congenital malformations and everything seems fine.

Now this is the most thanksgiving and happiest moment for the family and the realization that the parents have found new essence in life.

I recall my time when first time she is in my hand, tears of happiness came out. Her eyes are wide open and looking at me. Her lips is a copy of my hubby.That time , it was a miracle for me.I touched her finger, she immediately holds my hand. That time was a unforgettable moment of my life.

  • The average weight of a healthy baby is around 3kg(6 1/2lbs).
  • The average length of a normal baby is 50cm(20 inches).
  • Head circumferences is around 35cm(14 inches). There is nothing to worry if head looks off shaped,it will round off in a couple of months .
  • The nose is often compressed and squashed flat. It can become well shaped by regular message of oil .
  • Eyes are usually closed and lids are swollen.
  • It is difficult to assess the color of skin because all the babies are very pink and it takes several weeks before final pigmentation of skin is established.
  • There is a eager concern to whom the baby resembles to. It may take several days and weeks before a reasonable guess can be made as to whom the baby has taken to.