March 3, 2016

29 Home remedies to cure Constipation in babies & kids

Constipation is a common problem among new born to kids. Many mother have the same query that why their baby is not pooping for more than 3 days. My baby is getting problem in passing  stool. Stool is very hard Etc Etc…

Yes it’s very much normal for breastfeeding babies to not poop for 6-8 days too. If baby is comfortable then nothing to worry.

Because breast milk is so nutritious, sometimes almost all of it is absorbed, leaving little to move through the digestive tract.. Stools may come only once in a while — perfectly normal breastfed infants may only have a bowel movement once a week.

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How to know that Your baby is constipated?

  • If he/she doesn’t pass stool for more than 3 days.
  • If he/she is facing difficulty in passing the stool.
  • If the stool he/she passes is very hard and dry.
  • If baby cry while passing the stool and have abdominal pain.


Reasons of constipation in babies

  1. Introduction of solid food(Weaning Phase) – Breastfed babies are more prone to constipation when solid foods are introduced. This is because their tiny tummies are used to processing the easily and highly digestible mother’s milk.
  2. Diet that contain less fiber – If we give food that is low in fiber can cause constipation. Example –  Giving more emphasis to juices rather than fruits.
  3. Foods such as Bananas,  Cereals, Breads,  and White Potatoes may contribute to Constipation.

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For babies under 6 month

  • Its normal for a breastfeed baby to poop 6 to 7 times in a day or not poop for more than 10 days, if he is comfortable with it . Breastfeed babies generally do 3-4 poop in a day as breastfeed baby digest the milk fast .
  • I want to place just a simple example in front of all mother. When you are on fasting and do not take much solid. Then after drinking a glass of water, isn’t you feel the urge to go to washroom many time for pee. Same thing happens with baby. As they are on breast feed , they pee frequently in compare to poop.
  • Breast milk is used up fast due to the high metabolic rate and results in urine only, no poop.
  • Formula fed babies tend to be more constipated in compare to breastfed  babies. Unlike breast milk, formula is not as easily digested nor is it as completely absorbed and used by a baby’s body
  • Breastfed babies are rarely constipated as breast milk is almost 100% completely digested and utilized by baby’s growing body. Breast milk leaves little “leftovers” to cause constipation


Here are some home remedies for constipation. Tried and Tested by many mothers😎

  1. If you are breastfeeding your baby and he is constipated, then eat a lot of papaya and feed him, he will poop in 30 min only. Always worked with my baby, she had serious poop issues.
  2. Drink ajwain(carom seeds) water. Exclusive Breastfeed mothers are always advised to drink azwain water. Just put 1 tsp of azwain in 1 litre of water. Put the container in the flame. When the Water reaches its boiling point, switch off the flame. Let it be cool. Drink this azwain  water whole day.Carom-Seeds-Ajwain-940x740
  3. Chew azwain after meals. 
  4. Give tummy time – Turn your baby in his tummy when he is in good mood. Its a type of exercise for them. Give tummy time always before feed.
  5. While giving message to your baby, put him on tummy for some time. 1-2 minutes depending on child’s comfort.
  6. Exercise Time : Sometime making your baby’s body move will help to get his bowels moving – Place your baby on his back in front of you. Lift up his legs and move them in a circular motion , mimic the motions of peddling a bicycle. The movement helps in relieving constipation.
  7. Azwain water’s magic – Give your little one, 1 tbs of Luke warm ajwain water . Usually doctor doesn’t allow water to baby but its dadi and nani’s formula it works. Just boil 1 cup of water with 1 tsp of ajwain boil it till it become 1/4. Add a pinch of jaggery to it. It usually start working just with one or two spoon. But still if baby doesn’t pass stool, just give 3 times a day. It really works for me.
  8. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and make your baby sit in Lukewarm water for 10 to 20 mins everyday – A constipated babies anal inner muscles will have small cracks due to which they may suffer pain while pooping , when this cracks get bigger blood comes out while pooping !!images
    Sometimes a watery discharge may also come out from this cracks which is not possible for us to see at that time our babies tend to scratch their butt, placing them in lukewarm water will reduce their uneasiness and babies enjoy this also.😃

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Baby above 6 months and onwards

You can try the above mentioned points. Apart from those try this :

      • Change in diet helps to relief constipation. Lots of fruits and more leafy vegetables can relief constipation.
      • Change in formula – Every baby reacts differently to the ingredients of each type of formula, so try a few brands to find the one your baby tolerates best. Most brands have a low-lactose option, which your baby may tolerate better.
      • Include pumpkin in his diet. You can add it in his khichadi and in  soup.
      • Wash and soak black raisins overnight.Squeeze its juice and give  it in an empty stomach(next morning).It can also provide relief in constipation. Its taste is also good so baby takes it easily.
      • Baby food  – If your baby is eating solid foods, try pureed pea or prunes. Adding prunes to your babies meal plan can help bowel function and prevent future bouts of constipation

  • Dried fruits like figs, raisins, prunes, apricots and dates are useful in treating constipation. Soak any of them overnight and give it to your babies.
  • Offer barley cereal instead of rice cereal.
  • Wood apple juice(Bel fruit) in empty stomach really work. Bel juice is consider as a coolest juice.
  • One more thing just avoid pomegranate, green banana when baby is showing the sign of constipation.
  • Ripe papaya – Cut the ripe papaya in small  pieces and give it to your baby. It will relief constipation.
  • Mosambi(Sweet lemon. Citrus lemon) and Orange Juice – Give Fresh Juice of mosambi. If baby is able to take it pulp directly, let him eat just take out the seeds. This fruit contain lots of fiber so very helpful in reducing constipation.
  • Give your baby lots of fluids like water and juice this will prevent constipation.
  • Warm soup also  relief constipation. You can prepare pumpkin soup , tomato soup etc.
  • Recipe – Half pear, 2-3  prunes, 2-3 apricots and one slice of papaya. Steam  pear, prunes and apricots, once done add papaya and purée it. It helps.
  • I gave janam ghutti in warm water to my daughter if she get constipated. It really works for me. But now a day’s Dr. doesn’t advice to give janam ghutti. I am just sharing my experience with janam ghutti, Please seek the advice of Dr. before starting any medicines.
  • Can give a pinch of hing(asafoetida)mixed in 1 tsp of bm twice a day.
  •  Apply mustard oil in potty’s place or you can dip cotton in mustard oil poke inside potty place and take back. Baby will poop easily after that.
  • If your kid is 2 year+ give him drumstick leaves or drumstick soup in small quantities.It will give relief from constipation.
  • Add 1/4 teaspoon Dabur Badam oil in milk at night every day. 


  • Keeps body warm in winter
  • Good For heart, Relieves Constipation
  • Strengthens brain power
  • Helps build stronger bones & Good for infants.


  • Adding 1/2 tsp of  home – made ghee to the Luke warm milk before sleeping also helps to reduce constipation.
  • Hing water – Drinking hing water relief constipation in babies and  elders too. Just take a glass of warm water, mix a pinch of hing to it. Give this warm water to your 1 year above baby as much water he can take easily.FB_IMG_1453284960824
  • A natural remedy for constipation in infants is the consumption of pears. Pears or pear juice can be a useful in preventing or reducing constipation, Pears are high in fiber which help in preventing and treating constipation. Pear can be given as figure food to the baby.


  1. This gallery is for informational purposes only—always call your pediatrician for any medical questions.
  2. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it’s easy to assume she’s getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet. If your baby is showing signs of constipation, try giving her an additional 2-4 ounces (1/4-1/2 cup) of water after each feeding to help bowels flush properly.

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ref :

  • Advice from all experienced mothers.😘
  • From my mother and mother in law.🙏

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