December 16, 2015

How and When to give Toilet Training to your baby

Toilet Training

Toilet training is a very important training that a parent should start at appropriate age. It is very relaxing for a mother when there baby start doing potty in the potty pan. But a proper effort should be made from both the side(mother and child) .

  • Toilet training should neither be aggressive nor left to the desire and fancies of the baby but a common sense approach should be followed.
  • The mother should not be over anxious or rigid in her approach.
  • It is not uncommon to see an enthusiastic grandmother holding a newborn baby over the wash basin and whistling a musical sshoo…sshoo.. toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child.mimicking the sound produced by the stream of urination to condition the baby to pass urine.
  • There is no harm to do it as soon as the baby wakes up or after a feed(when baby is most likely to void urine) to save some nappies but the ritual should not be prolonged beyond 1-2 minutes.
  • This procedure, however, is supposed to train the baby to control his toilet needs.
  • Remember there is no easy or fool proof method to toilet train.
  • Kids are temperamental and moody. toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and childYou should not get easily frustrated but face the situation with fortitude, commonsense and good humor.

When to start toilet Training?

There are no rigid rules  one should follow, a flexible approach depending upon the development of the child. Like other development achievements and mile stones, there is an age range when children can be trained and conditioned to pass urine and stools in a potty pan.

Toilet training is best started when child is able to sit comfortably without support-usually between 8-9 months age .

This pan is best to start toilet training. You can put it anywhere where your baby can sit comfortable.

I am one of the luckiest mother toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child as my daughter sit easily in the potty pan when she is 8 month old. 3 to 4. months gone very well she enjoyed sitting in it but don’t know what happen after her first birthday, toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child she resist to sit in the pan. If I make her sit in the pan she didn’t pass stool in that and after few minutes she mess her pant.

This is a phase when mother have to be patient and take all this easily. But I didn’t stop making efforts and after 6 months when she is 18 months old a routine again set and she started behaving like a good girl without making any mess. That was a very relaxing moment for me. Children are moody and we can’t force them to do anything. They have there own way of doing things and as a parent excepting there way is the best option.


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Attributes of a good potty Pan

  • The potty pan should be warm and comfortable without any sharp edges.
  • It should be made of a moulded plastic
  • The potty pan should be of low height so that baby can sit comfortably with his feet resting on the floor.

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  • During travel the potty pan should be carried because many children feel uncomfortable to void in unfamiliar surroundings. I remember, when I went to my mother’s house for 20 days, my daughter is 20 months old. I take the pan with me, and that is really a good decision I made . Because of some extra luggage ,we generally avoid taking it with us, but it will help us to enjoy our vacation with less care.toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child
  • After the age of 2 ½ years, child can be provided with a special seat over the ordinary toilet seat.


I am using this toilet seat  for my daughter. Really very easy to handle and its so light weighted , now my daughter even put it in the toilet seat by herself.


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The First Four years of a child’s life

  • Flushing should be used with caution and after due preparation as it may frighten some children or some baby learn the way of flushing and they enjoyed flushing every time.toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child
  • If there’s not an easily accessible bathroom around, bring your child’s portable potty outside, to the playroom, or wherever she may be.
  • Baby should be distracted with a toy to ensure that he sits on the potty pan for some time.

Bowel Control

During early life passage of urine and stools are unconscious activities without any control to initiate the process or delay it or stop it at will. When rectum is full of feces, further pressure following a feed leads to opening up of the anal canal and evacuation of stools.

The mother must train herself to identify the “best time” for making the child to sit on the potty pan. When baby start receiving semi-solid foods, the stool become more solid and less frequent. There is some regularity when stools are passed, may be after the morning breakfast or afternoon meal. When this routine is established in regular basis for a couple of days, the mother would know when to place the baby on the potty pan. The mother should be observant and sensitive to identify the subtle signals of the baby indicating his toilet needs as he grows.

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Signals from the baby side

Before the urge, the child is likely to become still, stop playing with his toys, strain a little or go red on the face. He may come towards you, look intently into your eyes and strain a bit. He should be promptly made to sit on the potty to avert soiling of pants.

Some Important  points to Remember

  1. Simulation of straining efforts by the mother may encourage the baby to evacuate.
  2. Efforts at potty must be rewarded by the mother by loving your baby.
  3. When child is unwilling to sit on potty pan, don’t force or cajole him and instead he may be left alone for next couple of days to catch him in a better mood.
  4. The child must be trained but he should not be pushed, forced for toilet training.
  5. Following a common sense relaxed approach most normal children achieve bowel control by 1 ½ to 2 years.
  6. There may be occasional set backs when child sits on the potty for a long time without any outcome. And after getting up, he goes to a corner and evacuates to mother disdain. After having done the mischief, he may make a silly face or give a smile. You don’t have to smile back or get angry on him but take it as a matter of fact and part of growing and learning process. This situation should be handled with understanding and care without undue fuss and annoyance. At this age child gonna understanding that doing sits anywhere is a bad thing..
  7. Talk with the child and explain the importance of keeping clean and not messing around.
  8. When there is an elder sibling he should be used as a role model for training.

If you give a aggressive training to your children, he is likely to hold back his stools and refuses to do it and it caused constipation problem. So mother have to react very softly if he passes the stool in his pant. Don’t show any anger that time specially. When your baby is in good mood, that’s the perfect time to make him understand things.

I have noticed one thing in my daughter’s growing age, children don’t understand the things with one effort. Continuous effort should be made to make them understand  things. My daughter is 3 ½ now, when she want to go to washroom she call me. But now I don’t make any effort just ask her to open her pant by herself, ask her to place her toilet seat on the ordinary seat. I just placed a low height-ed seater there and she sit on the toilet seat with the help of a seater. But for making her doing all this, I have putted lots of efforts in convincing her toilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child.

Hope  this information will help parents in managing there naughty kiddotoilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child. please do share this post with your friends and family. Remember sharing is caringtoilet training,potty pan, potty,baby care,when to start toilet training,kids,mother and child


Ref: The art and science of baby and child care.

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