littleJaneResearchers show that half of the child’s adult intelligence is formed during the first 5 years.

That is why it is very important that parents have to provide their child the best possible environment at home and choose a preschool which has a stimulating environment that will shape his entire life.

The best time to develop physical abilities : Make your child feel free to climb,run,jump,try cycling. Provide him proper space to do all this activities. And if possible try to involve yourself in his activities so that he enjoyed it much more.

Take him to the park where he can experience different rides and feel willing to enjoy it by watching other kids. In the park he find the opportunity to meet children of their age. By seeing them enjoying, he started to enjoy much more than he enjoyed at home.Kids-park01

Choose a preschool which is spacious enough to allow your child to be himself, conduct activities like yoga, skating, develop gross and fine motor skills through special aids and tools.

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The best time to develop Social Emotional skills : It is the peer group at the school or the friends in the neighborhood which form the learning ground for children. From this the children learn automatically about the right way to behave, friendship and sharing things.

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Love and Security towards your child

This is also the time when parents and his teachers should saw the seeds of invaluable life-skills of confidence, leadership, self-reliance etc.

The best time to develop intellect : The child’s brain should be stimulated through different toys, scientific tools and specially designed activities.girl-handwriting-practice That is why in preschool activities are designed in a way that are of child’s interest and it develop his skills to solve a problem and develop the child’s reasoning abilities, perception and form a scientific attitude.

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These are among first few toys that I bought for my daughter, I found it very helpful in teaching her shapes, color. She really enjoyed it. She loves to play with tools , she always open parts and rebind it again. So I bought nuts and bolts toy for her. She loved it.

The best time to develop language : Expose your child to as many languages as possible. Start reading for him right from the age of 1 year. Stage exposure at this age and opportunity to express are a must to nourish the child’s communication skills.

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The best time to develop Creativity : Talents like dancing ,singing, skating, playing musical instruments, painting , sculpting can be discovered and should be given direction not when the child grows up but when he is still in his formative years. So give your child freedom as well as the Two little children - cute curly toddler girl and a funny baby boy, brother and sister playing music, having fun with colorful xylophone at a window; kids early development classopportunity to explore his inner self. And if you give unconditional love and appreciation to your precious darling, there will be no looking back.

Friends, if your child is more than five years old, no need to worry, if you were not able to teach your child at his early age. Because learning will never stop at any age. Still he or she can learn things easily by your little effort. So ladies go ahead and spend quality time with your dear one.

Please share with me your child activities, what he is interested in. What you make him learn at his starting age. I will be happy to read it.

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