Babies regularly pass urine in the womb and most of the amniotic fluid is contributed by the baby’s urine. After birth most babies pass urine within first 24 hours of life. When your baby has not voided by 48 hours, you should inform your doctor. Normal babies pass urine almost every one to two hours during early life. When adequately fed, baby must pass urine atleast 5-6 times in a day. Some babies cry before passing urine( dur to discomfort of full bladder) stop crying and become dazed while passing urine and start crying again after having passed urine due to wet napkins.b_bc_nappychange_am

This pattern is normal and you should not feel worried. In a boy, whenever there is an opportunity,you should watch his stream of urine. When stream of urine is narrow or baby strains while passing urine or urine dribbles in drops after completion of act, you should inform your doctor. It may provide an earliest clue to the presence of bladder neck obstruction. In some babies nappy may be stained light pink due to passage of urate salts in the urine. Its is normal and you should not worry.