Upbringing of children is an art which demands active efforts, concern, sensitivity and skills of parents. There is no doubt that children are born with different temperaments and developmental time tables. But there is no question how a child is raised has a lot to do with the kind of adult he becomes.

Most parents are confused and have no goals or are uncertain as to what their hopes and aspirations are about their children. Due to overwhelming pace of social changes, parents are uncertain and worried as to what kind of a world awaits their children when they will grow to become adults.

  • Is academic excellence in school the most important goal because it provides a lucrative career?
  • Do you want your child to be individualistic or egoistic with a competitive edge in our highly commercialized society?
  • Or do you want your child to learn to cooperate and at times renounce his own desires to give comfort and solace to others?
  • Should children develop the ability and art of cooperation with others to sustain intimate human relationships in life?
  • Do you want your children to evolve as good human being with a wholesome and balanced personality with concern and compassion towards one and all?
  • Is spiritual enlightenment the ultimate or supreme goal of every human being?
  • You can mould your children depending upon your own perceptions and values in life.
  • You must have a vision and dream as to what you want your children to evolve as they grow up to become responsible adults in our society,which is full of virtues and vices.parents with child drawing They can evolve as diamonds in this society, slush or get lost like millions of us in a seemingly purposeless rat race!The childhood is the most vulnerable and formative years of one’s life. Children are truly at the mercy of their care taker to look after their physical,mental and emotional needs. Parents ,teachers,siblings and friends have a profound effects to influence and mould the personality of children. The successful adults do have pleasant memories of happy childhood while maladjusted adults are constantly haunted by the emotional scars of early life. Children must be nurtured under close supervision guidance,protection and discipline in the right proportion avoiding both excess as well as he neglect.??
What parents ought to do?
Children need role models more than critics
Parents must set a good example for their children to emulate
Say  No when it is inappropriate . Children do respect firm denial
Assign household chores and responsibilities to your children
Children do as their parents do,not what their parents say
Be cautious and considerate what you say to your children. They do remember your bad and rude words when they grow up