If your menstrual periods have been regular and you have now missed your periods for a couple of days, it is most likely that you are pregnant. This is most important earliest marker of pregnancy. After that you can confirm it by pregnancy kit that are easily available in market in any medical shop. If the result is positive you have to consult gynecologist , so that he will give the 100 percent confirmation.

Early Symptoms of pregnancy that might be unnoticed by many women

Pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman.Here are some of the most common early pregnancy signs to look out before a missed menstrual cycle as many time missed period can be caused by other condition aside from pregnancy, so it is not always a definite sign.

The common early symptoms during pregnancy are:PregnancySymptoms

  • Frequency of passing urine increases If you need to urinate often than earlier it may be the sign of pregnancy as it usually happen when you are pregnant.


  • Constipation – When you find difficulty in passing stool it is constipation. During pregnancy, the body of a woman produces hormones called progesterone. It slows down the bowel movement resulting in constipation during pregnancy. But in my case, in the starting I didn’t face much problem as in normal days also I feel sometime constipated. But as the pregnancy time increases i also started facing much problem because of constipation.


  • Fullness,tenderness and tingling sensation in the breasts –  As pregnancy hormones increase the blood supply to your breasts, you may feel a tingling sensation around your nipples. This can be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, and is sometimes noticeable within a week or so of conception. You may notice that your breasts begin to look bigger and may become sensitive or sore. Nipple area might also turn dark black in color.

When a women is getting pregnant for the first time, changes in breast surprise her as in my case too I felt so uncomfortable that what gonna happen with my breast. Once your body gets used to the hormone surge, this sensation will subside.

  • Some experiences nausea with or without vomiting(morning sickness) –  This problem started from 2 to 3 week of pregnancy. It varies from woman to woman. I must say morning time is really very tough for pregnant ladies. Four years ago in my case, when i entered in the kitchen for preparing breakfast a vomiting sensation occupy me fully. In morning time I am  not able to smell paratha or chapaties.How to know that you are pregnant,pregnancy,pregnancy test,early symptoms of pregnancy.


  • Loss of appetite  – In the starting week , you doesn’t feel to eat. This problem may subside after 3 to 4 month of pregnancy. I think starting 3-4 months is the most toughest period in pregnancy time for most of the women. I felt so tensed that how the fetus grow if I doesn’t take proper diet. I wanted to have food but my taste bud doesn’t allow me to have a single bite. What so ever I ate i just vomited out :(

But this is a very common problem during early pregnancy and my doctor ask me not to be worried.


  • Carving for certain food and dislike of other  – Food cravings are due to pregnancy hormones. ??During my pregnancy period I had a lot of craving for salty biscuits, pickles and things that i used to eat in my hostel life.

I started hating vegetables specially green vegetables and food with gravy. My gyno suggested me to take lots of protein but except milk I am just not able to take any protein diet.

  • Emotional changes may also occur –  Mood swings are one of the very common pregnancy symptoms and can start from the first trimester itself. Mood swings are due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.


  • Pimple or acne – Pimple or acne is a result of increased hormone in the body of pregnant women. I am very lucky in this case as this problem doesn’t enrolled me in my pregnancy time.


  • Fatigue- A woman may suddenly feel extremely tired after doing small chores. This may start as early as the second week after conceiving. Most of the women continue to experience this during first trimester.


  • Spotting and Cramping

It’s common to have some spotting at the time when you’d usually have your period. You may notice a slight pink or brown-colored stain in your knickers, or when you wee, or feel slight cramping. Experts aren’t sure why spotting in very early pregnancy happens, but it’s thought to either be caused by the egg implantation in the uterus, or more likely, the hormones that control your periods kicking in.

Every women show different symptoms during there pregnancy. I share some of mine. What problem do you face during your pregnancy period ?Please  Let me know in comments.