Children learn what they see, not only at home but in school and society at large. Children are great imitators and it is essential that parents must set a good example. You must demonstrate good habits of truthfulness, honesty, courage and morality in your day-to-day life for children to emulate. Hypocrisy, smoking, drinking etc. are likely to breed similar traits in your child. Maladjusted parents produce maladjusted children who grow up to become maladjusted adults. You must try to inculcate good manners, good habits and virtues of human kindness by setting a good personal example.parental example,how to become a good parent,parent child relationship,child care

  • It is a common habit for children to take their toys out of a basket and not put them back after they have finished playing. Set an example by doing it yourself and asking the child to help you with the task.
  • Do not order him, always request the child to do something. There is no harm in being polite to your children. If you are polite he will reciprocate and will be polite to others.
  • If you put things in proper place, you can ask kids to do the same and they will easily agree with you because they saw you doing the same things.
  • If parents show bad temper, use abrasive or abusive language, are unloving,dishonest and selfish,there is no wonder there children would also develop all these traits. parental example,how to become a good parent,parent child relationship,child care

If there are constant fights among parents and violence at home, children are likely to become short tempered and aggressive. Children learn lot of aggressive traits from television and movies these days. Even cartoon films show lot of violence and many heroic stunts. If father is an alcoholic, the child is likely to be upset by his irrational, unpredictable behavior and by his aggressiveness towards his mother.



  • When children are threatened at an emotional level they’re showing increases in negative symptoms such as depression, anxiety, aggression, hostility.
  • They started arguing with their parents and don’t want to listen to them.
  • They started showing disrespect towards there parents.parental example,how to become a good parent,parent child relationship,child care
  • When children are upset by fighting or tension, they may act out or freeze or become very clingy.
  • Kids mind are like blank paper, its there parent responsibility to fill the sheet with good things.parental example,how to become a good parent,parent child relationship,child care


  • Always set a good example before your child.
  • Never fight in front of your child.
  • Speak in the manner with your kids which you want to listen from them.


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