In India body massage is popular and credited to provide all kinds of beneficial effects. Massage improves circulation,improves muscle tone and relieves fatigue. Some oil may get absorbed through the thin skin of the baby to provide some nutrition. It improves the texture of the skin and reduces dryness. Touch is believed to send stimulatory message to the brain to enhance neuromotor development of the baby.

The baby should be at least 3kg in weight before massage is given. Any mild non-irritating non-scented

like olive oil or baby oil can be used. Mustard oil should preferably be avoided in infants because it is pungent to the eyes and irritating to the skin. But you can use it when baby crosses its 6 month as the baby become quite strong for mustard oil. I used mustard oil in winters for my daughter.

  • Massage should be given44 before bathing the baby.
  • The room should be warm and without any draught.
  • The oil should be rubbed between the palm to bring it to the body temperature.
  • Massage should be done by using gentle pressure and smooth rhythmical movements.
  • Massage the baby first while he is lying on his back and then when he is made to lie on his tummy.
  • Being from trunk and move towards the limbs.
  • The direction of massaging movements should be in both the direction from center towards the periphery of the body and limbs, and vice versa.
  • You should make passive exercising movements of his limbs during the massage.
  • You must talk with your baby or let him listen melodious music during the massage session.
  • You should make sure that baby is protected against exposure during the massage especially in winter.
  • When weather is pleasant and not windy ,baby can massaged in the sun to provide additional benefit of vitamin D.

You are not the only one who craves a soothing body rub every now and then. Babies also find e4ae5766f54c2f4e6b6181dc8a40d88da gentle laying on of hands very relaxing and enjoy it. They often giggle and make various sound during the procedure.

You can also refer to this video for the proper guidelines of body massage……..






  • Make infant massage part of your daily routine. Consider massaging your baby around the same time every day so that he comes to expect and enjoy it. What time is best? Before bathing the baby is the best time I think and in the night just before when the baby is ready to sleep. But don’t massage him when your baby is hungry (since he won’t enjoy the belly rubs if his belly is empty) or too full (he will likely spit up his supper you won’t make that mistake twice!).
  • If you are using massage oil, choose one thats edible, unscented, and either a cold-pressed fruit or vegetable oil. Sure, you don’t need oil to rub your little one the right way, but it will be more pleasant for both of you if your hands glide more easily over your baby’s body. Good options include coconut, canola, corn, olive, grape seed, apricot, avocado.But in the starting first month pure home-made cow ghee is best. It strengthen the muscles and make the skin very smooth and shiny. These oils are easily absorbed into a baby’s skin  and easily digested when your little one sucks on his hands or fingers. Only use a dab and stay away from baby oil or mineral oil  they clog the pores.
  • Pick an area that’s comfortable for both of you, and warm  at least 75 F so your nearly naked newborn doesn’t catch a chill while he is chilling from your massage. You can massage your little one on the changing table, your bed (put a towel underneath to avoid oil stains on your comforter), even on the rug (use a towel there too). Add some soothing background music or simply use the time to talk and sing to your baby.
  • Follow your baby’s cues- No one likes to be massaged when they are not in the mood, and that’s true for your baby as well. If he turns away or frowns or cries when you lay your hands on, save the session for later. And remember, you don’t have to give a full-body massage every time. If your baby decides he is had enough after you have rubbed his legs and feet, that’s okay too.
  • Be gentle  and don’t apply too much pressure or it will be overpowering. Another smart tip from the infant massage playbook: Stroking away from the heart (from shoulder to wrist, for example) is relaxing, and therefore better suited for pre-nap or pre-bedtime massages. Stroking toward the heart (from wrist to shoulder) is more sMasseuse massaging little baby girlstimulating and better suited for when your baby will be awake and active. You can also do a combo.

If you are worried about the complexion of your baby you can use the combination of four oils to improve the complexion as shown in this video……


Benefits of body massage :

  • It can help ease your baby’s tummy troubles
  • Teething pains
  • Boost muscle development
  • Calm him when he is fussy, and soothe him to sleep.
  • All that stroking and touching make it easier for you to bond with your newborn.

Hope this article will help you in giving your baby strength through massage. Please give your review and don’t forget to share. Remember sharing is caring.