twins?? Twins occurs in 1:80 pregnancies. A twin pregnancy may result from the splitting of the single fertilized ovum(zygote) into two equal halves to produce identical twins. Each baby has its own amniotic sac but two share a common placenta. The babies are always of the same sex in case of identical twins and they have similar physical and personality characteristics.

The non-identical twins are formed by fertilization of two ova by two sperms. They have two amniotic sacs and are nourished by two separate placentas. Twins can be easily identified with the help of ultrasonography.

The mother need to eat extra for the additional baby and she is likely to have greater enlargement of her abdomen for carrying two babies.

Foods To Eat During Twin Pregnancy:

Some of the healthy and nutritious foods that you should include in your twin pregnancy diet plan are:

1. Raisin Bran:

Include the essential breakfast cereals fortified with Vitamin B and Folic Acid in your twin pregnancy diet. Both the elements reduce the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women should consume prenatal vital or folic acid supplements, before and during pregnancy. Raisin bran is a high-fiber cereal, and it helps maintain the digestion process and enhance the health aspects of the developing twins.

2. Eggs:

Eggs are protein and choline rich foods that you need larger amounts during pregnancy. The essential element choline helps in brain development of the fetus.

3. Spinach:

The dark leafy vegetable is an essential source of Vitamin K, iron, Vitamin C, calcium and folic acid. Spinach also contains carotenoid and bioflavonoid, which are essential for expectant moms.


4. Whole grains:

A diet rich in whole grain will accelerate your babies??? growth. Your developing babies need micronutrients, and you need the fiber. So fill your diet with lots of whole grain foods like bread, bagels, brown rice, oats, etc.

5. Fruits And Vegetables:

Fruits and veggies are full of nutrients, including folic acid. Folic acid or folate is critical for the babies??? growth and liver efficiency. Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are excellent sources of folic acid. You should aim to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

6. Dairy:

A daily dose of calcium helps your babies develop strong bones, while also promoting, heart, nerves, and teeth. Calcium reduces the risk of preeclampsia. Aim to drink at least four glasses of milk a day, if milk is not something that entices you, consider other dairy products like cheese or yogurt.

7. Water:

If you don???t drink a lot of water during the day, you might want to reconsider your position. If you are pregnant, especially if you are expecting twins, you need to have more water than earlier. You might prefer juices and milk, but water should be your go-to beverage. Experts recommend drinking a gallon of water daily. It will help prevent any dehydration during the second half of your pregnancy. Dehydration leads to premature contraction or early delivery. Make sure that you drink clean, boiled and filtered water.

6. Supplements:

However, let your pediatrician decide the best course of action. Don???t take any supplements without consulting him/her.

How much Weight Should I Gain?

When expecting twins, counting pounds is more important than counting calories. Ideally, women carrying twins should gain around 35-40 pounds. Consult your doctor and understand how much weight you need to increase during pregnancy. Don???t be overweight or underweight as both can have complications. Keep a track of your weight and increase or reduce your diet accordingly. If you feel too tired or gain too much or too little weight, talk to your gynecologist.


If you are pregnant with twins, it is important for you to know that you would have the delivery anytime between 33 weeks to 38 weeks, which is the usual delivery period for twins. You can handle your delivery easily by staying organized beforehand:

  1. Unlike single pregnancies, you must be well prepared to spend a few days in special care as some babies might need neonatal care.
  2. Have a discussion with your doctor to know about the birth options you have and decide on the safest one, as twins have a premature birth.
  3. Choose the best hospital in your locality, based on the high-end facilities available there to avoid any complications during your twin delivery.
  4. Have a maternity survival kit ready with your medical reports, dresses and other things to help you and your twin babies after your delivery.
  5. Keep the maternity survival kit handy, as it would be helpful when you rush to the hospital.
  6. Have the contact number of your doctor ready in case if you are facing a contraction or labor pain all of a sudden.

Symptoms Of Twin Labor:

The symptoms of twin labor are similar to that of singleton labor:

  • Firstly, the baby???s head engages with your pelvis.
  • The mucus plug becomes dislodged
  • The water breaks
  • The contractions are frequent, regular and stronger.

What Are Your Twin Delivery Options?

The major concerns of every mom would be about twin delivery. This process is a challenging one and the decisions on delivery options might change as you enter the later stages of twin pregnancy based on your baby???s position.

As a mom pregnant with twins, you will have two delivery options before you:

  • Vaginal birth
  • Cesarean section

However, if you had a caesarean section during your first pregnancy, then your doctor would not advise you to go for a vaginal delivery.

a. Vaginal Delivery:

If you are planning for a vaginal delivery, then you must discuss the pain relief options to have better relief after your delivery.

  • If your first twin baby is in a cephalic position or head down position, then your doctor would advise you to consider a vaginal birth.
  • You must have an assisted birth during your vaginal delivery as your doctor would need the aid of suction cup or forceps for delivering your baby.
  • As soon as the first twin is delivered, your doctor would check the position of the next baby through a vaginal examination.
  • If the baby is in the right position, then your waters would be broken and the baby would be born soon as the cervix stays dilated.
  • Sometimes, the doctor would add hormones to your drip to begin your contractions if your previous contractions stop after the first birth.

b. Caesarean Section:

You can choose caesarean option during the outset of your pregnancy or you might be advised to go for a caesarean section due to various reasons.

  • If you develop any health complications during your twin pregnancy, then caesarean birth is advised.
  • Sometimes, your twin babies??? position such as a breeched position (your baby???s feet, buttocks or feet is first) or transverse position of one baby among the twins would demand for a C-section.
  • If you have a low lying placenta or if the twins share the same placenta, caesarean section is required.
  • If you have faced a difficult vaginal birth for your first child, then you might need a caesarean birth for delivering twins safely.
  • Sometimes, you might deliver one baby vaginally while the second one of the twin might require a caesarean section to avoid distress in the second baby.

The recovery time for both these delivery options tends to differ. If you and your twins are in perfect health, then you will be discharged in 2 days time after a vaginal delivery and 4 days time after a caesarean section.