• A colorful bath tub is required for bathing the baby. It should be large enougk2-_a47f5cad-e512-4ac9-9288-962282cedf72.v1h to serve the needs of the baby up-to 2 years of age.
  • A baby bag is useful for travel purposes. It should have compartments for keeping diapers,diaper wipes,face towels,medicines,drinking water,feeding bottles,small toys,a folding plastic changing pad etc.127_as183_deluxe_everyday_bag_2lrg



  • A plastic carry cot is useful and convenient for taking the baby out instead of carrying him in your lap. The baby can sleep in it during the first threeBaby-Carry-Cots-20131219012741 to four months.
  • The carriage or pram is used for young infants on daily outings in the morning and evening. The baby can be moved in the pram in the porch for assisting him to take a nap. A stroller is very handy to take the baby during shopping and other social errands. A folding types of stroller can be conveniently carried on a bus or in a car. The child must be strapped effectively while taking him in a stroller.51YCU4QwopL._SY300_
  • In case of older children,various kinds of slings and back packs can be used to carry the child against your back or against the chest. The carrier should be made of soft material and should be well padded. The baby can comfortably sit erect in the carrier and timagreshey provide both convenience and closeness of the baby to the parents.
  • A hand-held food grinder or blender is useful to puree cooked vegetables,fruits and cereals. You can make a nutritious food mix of the liking of your child at a reasonable cost at home.
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