During first 3 months of pregnancy various organs of the baby are taking shape and it is called the period of embryo genesis. It is the most important period and if anything goes wrong at this stage, there is a risk of development of congenital malformation(s).

As you become pregnant, and as soon as the good news reaches to our relatives. Shower of advice’s poured on you.

So today I am here to told you ladies that just match the advice’s of your relatives and neighbor from this post so that you are confident of what not to do at this pregnancy period.

Things to keep in mind during pregnancy:

  • You should strictly avoid any self -medication not even for headache or vomiting


  • Should not exposed to any x-ray during early pregnancy


  • Smoking is harmful at any time but is worse in pregnancy


  • Avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy


  • Excessive intake of tea,coffee and cola drinks should be avoided due to adverse effect of caffeine


  • Whenever you visit to any doctor you must inform him that you are pregnant so that he prescribe medicines which are safe for both baby and mother. I remember at my pregnancy time, I visited my eye doctor. He asked me to sit in front of eye checking machine , but as I told him that i m pregnant he strictly told me not to sit there and doesn’t give any medicines regarding my minor problems.


  • Avoid excessive exercise, jerks. Walking is best at this time , so maintain a regular routine of walking morning and if possible in the evening too.


  • Panic

Don’t panic what so ever in pregnancy.

It’s common to get spotting or bleeding in the first trimester. Not every bleeding is miscarriage. But yes  consult a gynecologist as soon as possible.

I cried badly till I reached hospital when I got spotting during my first trimester (unnecessarily!)

  • Love making in the crucial months:

Gynecologist recommend no sex during the initial 3 months and last trimester of pregnancy. This is to avoid unwanted pressure to the uterus/ baby, fake labor or any other problems that may arise

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  • Read good and holy books.


  • Let negativity get away from you:

Do not let the negativity (if any) bother you. Just ignore all the negative talks and thoughts. It could be your mighty boss or noisy neighbors. As I said just ignore and stay happy :). Always be in a jolly mood , laugh as much you want.Stay away from all the worries.


Sports that have to be avoided during Pregnancy

  • Skipping rope : It is advised to avoid jumping rope because of the?? uterine contractions.


  • Amusement park rides: Water-slides and other rides at amusement parks are a no-no, since a forceful landing or sudden start or stop could harm your baby.
  • Contact sports: Soccer, basketball, and hockey put you at a high risk of injury from a ball or puck, a collision with another player, or a fall during play.
  • Downhill skiing: ACOG advises against downhill skiing anytime during pregnancy because of the risk of serious injuries and hard falls. If you choose to ski, stick to gentle slopes and be aware that you may have problems with balance as your belly expands. A safer choice is cross-country skiing, which is also much better for building cardiovascular fitness. Avoid skiing at altitudes above 6,000 feet, where there’s less oxygen for you and your baby.
  • Gymnastics: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.
  • Horseback riding: Even if you’re a good rider, it’s not worth risking a fall.
  • Post-sport tubs and saunas: Soaking in hot tubs and Jacuzzis or sitting in a sauna can be dangerous to your developing baby because overheating has been linked to birth defects.
  • Running: If you weren’t a runner before you got pregnant, now’s not the time to take it up. Otherwise, it’s fine in moderation. From your second trimester on, when the risk of falling increases, you should run with caution. As with all forms of exercise, avoid becoming overheated, and drink plenty of water to replace fluids lost through sweating.
  • Scuba diving: This is an absolute no. As you surface, air bubbles can form in your bloodstream, which can be very dangerous for both you and your growing baby.
  • Snowboarding: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.
  • Surfing: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.
  • Tennis: A moderately paced game of tennis is okay if you played before you became pregnant. But you may have problems with balance and sudden stops, so watch your step. Most women find that it’s hard to keep up their game as their bellies get bigger in the second and third trimesters.
  • Water skiing: Another activity that puts you at risk for falling and increases the chance of trauma to your abdomen