A2N7G4 mother and child cooking together

??Most educated parents now have one or two children and they have very little time to look after them because of professional competition. This situation often leads to over-protection, over-indulgence and constant fear and anxiety regarding the safety and well being of their children.

  • They are mostly kept at home and not allowed to mix with other children, and never left alone.
  • The mother continues to feed him,dress him and attend to his toilet needs for too long when a child should be doing independently by himself.
  • The child may continue to sleep with his parents up to 10 years or even longer.
  • The parents try to yield all his wishes and demands whether reasonable or not. There are serious emotional consequences of over-protection and parental anxiety.
  • The over-protected children are likely to become shy,introvert, and timid.
  • They remain dependent,insure and are unable to take decisions or face reality of life.
  • These children are unable to cultivate friends and they lack the spirit of cooperation.
  • They are more likely to have problems of food fussiness,temper tantrums,breath holding spells and conduct disorders.
  • They may seek advice of their mothers throughout life in all matters leading to problems of adjustment in married life.
  • Boys are likely to show greater fixation with their mothers ,and girls with their fathers. So love your children and also keep eye on them but don’t be over protective towards your child and don’t involve yourself in all his work. Allow them to take his own decisions also and make them free so that they become independent..