Among all the parental attitudes, favoritism and rejection are most harmful. A son born after several girls or a good looking child or a bright and exceptional child is likely to be the favorite of his parents. The favorite child is not reprimanded, he is likely to receive more gifts and when he is in trouble with one parents, the other parents provides him protection and security. The favored child will show all the attributes of over-indulged child while the disfavored child would show signs of insecurity and jealousy. The disfavored child will feel resentful aireetndexgainst his parents.

Parents rejection occur when the child is unwanted(failure of contraception) or born with an unwanted sex. Rejection also occurs when child is not good looking or in clumsy and dull. At time the child is merely neglected without being rejected. The child may be constantly nagged,scolded and reprimanded. His shortcomings are exaggerated and he is shamed and belittled in the presence of others. Due to constant nagging and neglect the child become insure,shy,timid. He may develop excessive fears and night terrors. He would be jealous of favored sibling and other friends. He may develop anti social behavior like aggressiveness,destructiveness and disobedience.

So here parents can see that what happen if they neglect their child. By neglecting you are destroying the future of your child.