D-Day is fast approaching, and by nature moms want to be super-organized! To assist first-time moms, we have prepared an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide on what a new baby and mom will need.  Included is a list of what moms should pack in their baby’s hospital bag.

  • Five to six small towels or face napkins and two big fluffy bath towels.
  • Cotton balls and cotton pads are useful at bath time for wiping the eyes.
  • A mild non-drying and non-medicated soap is satisfactory.
  • There are tear proof shampoos available in market for washing the scalp.
  • Pure unscented olive oil or home made ghee is preferred for messaging the baby.
  • Infant scissors with blunt ends or infant nail clippers should be used for clipping the nails.
    • Select unscented, natural – possibly even organic – toiletries for newborns as their skin can react to unfamiliar chemicals.
    • Consider a rechargeable portable night light – you can carry it with you as you move around at night and leave it on for hours before needing recharging.


What to carry to the Hospital?

With all the excitement of planning for your little ones arrival it is easy to forget about preparing yourself for labor.
Find out from the hospital if nappies for newborns are provided, or if you need to supply your own. Depending on the length of your stay in hospital, one pack of nappies will suffice. Newborns are usually given hospital-issue gowns to wear. Find out beforehand however as to what new moms are expected to supply.

The following items should be packed in a small suitcase so that there is no last minute running around once the labor pains have started and you are ready to go to the hospital.

Newborn baby (hospital bag)

  • The hospital bag will eventually become the baby’s regular nappy bag. So when buying the bag make sure it is big enough to accommodate your growing infants needs. Look for a bag with a change mat, these mats are very useful when out of the home;
  • Frocks,vests and woolens like sweaters,caps,mittens and socks in winter.
  • Baby napkins and safety pins.
  • Mackintosh or plastic sheets,baby sheets and blanket.
  • Face towels,bath towels and cotton balls.
  • Toiletries: Baby soap,baby oil,lotion,talcum powder


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