July 5, 2019

Finding Time for Your Children – 4 Key Time Management Tips for Parents

The modern lifestyle takes its toll on family life. 

Many parents are crucified between their business obligations and their family matters. 

A large number of partners and spouses have to work overtime to keep their jobs or just to make ends meet. 

As a result, they can’t spend as much time with their children as they would like to. 

That’s why it’s essential for an efficient family interaction to commit themselves to their kids in their free time.


  1. No gadgets during the quality time

 According to the results of the study conducted by PEW research and published by Time magazine, about 20% of teens aged 14-17 spend more than seven hours a day looking at screens. 

The results of another study, released by the Telegraph, show that 20% of adults spend 40 or more hours a week on their smartphones. 

When these two studies meet, it’s clear that there’s no much room for focused, purposeful communication between parents and children. 

Because of that, parents who want to strengthen their family bonds need to limit the time that family members waste using mobiles. 

For instance, they can introduce a no-gadgets policy during meals or excursions in nature. That should be the time when they discuss not only family matters, but also exchange their interests and experiences. 

However, bear in mind that the same rules should apply to both parents and children. If parents don’t obey their own rules, children will show a tendency toward breaking them, as well. 

  1. Having at least one daily meal as a family


Many families eat together only at the weekend. 

Children have their meals in school and parents eat at work. 

People who grew up in some of the previous decades might remember that their parents had more time for these family routines. 

When you’re having a meal, your mind switches to a more relaxed mode. That’s why people often have casual conversations and make more jokes during meals. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to treat your family to such an experience just for a change? Instead of coming back home from home exhausted and nervous, parents should make an effort to give their best version to their children in general. 

There are many TV-commercials that promote silly products by presenting perfect families that have breakfast together at the beginning of a workday. Well, the least you can do for your family is to organize your time, so you have at least one such gathering around the table every single day. 


  1. Setting one weekly term for outdoor activities


The omnipresence of technology in every single part of our lives changed the way children play today. 

We’ve already pointed out that they use gadgets for several hours a day. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it could become an issue if they don’t make up for this screen time with more time outside. 

So, parents need to commit themselves to organize outdoor activities and trips in nature. 

For instance, you can start from your balcony or terrace. Turning this area into a small playground with toys and games have a two-fold benefit. 

On the one hand, they would spend time in the fresh air. 

On the other hand, they would do some interesting activities with you, as well.

Apart from that, try to set one weekly term for outdoor activities. For instance, you can tell your kids that you’re going to visit a different outdoor place in your town every Wednesday. 

Moreover, you should organize at least one trip in nature per weekend. 

Some parents might complain that such activities are expensive. Sure, you can’t organize them without money but they don’t have to cost a fortune. For instance, you can make sandwiches or bring some simple meals like pasta with you. 

What’s more, you can include your children into the entire food-preparing activity. 

As explained, by the Norland nanny rulebook, it’s important to make children independent from an early age. 

If they feel an integral part of the preparatory actions, they will be curious about the rest of the adventure. Therefore, plan your activities with your kids and give them special roles during the preparations. 


  1. Adapt your private things to children’s activities


It’s impossible to spend quality time with your children if you do different things at the same time. 

That’s why parents should adjust their personal schedules to their kids’ obligations.

Logically, you’ll be at work when they’re in school. 

What’s important is to organize all your other obligations and events with your children in mind. 

For instance, you can have a coffee with your friends while your children are at their sports practice or music lessons. After that, you can spend some quality time having the aforementioned family meal. 

Finally, try as much as you can to put your kids to sleep at the same time every single night. You can make small exceptions during the weekend but be strict about this sleeping policy on work days. 

As a result, your children will get enough sleep to be properly concentrated in school. What’s more, they won’t feel the urge during the day, which will increase the quality of their life. 

The same goes for parents, as well. If they manage to go to sleep at least by 11 pm or midnight, they won’t be excruciated when they come back home from work. Therefore, they’ll have more will and energy to go out and take part in some interesting activities with their children. 


The final word 


While it’s impossible to survive without working, it’s extremely important not to get obsessed with work and money. In families where the money is the key measure of success parents usually don’t have enough time for their children. 

Even though this doesn’t automatically mean that those children will fail, they’re deprived of their parents’ direct attention. 

If parents spend more time with their kids, every family member will feel more positive emotions and other benefits. It will be easier for children to overcome some challenges in school or in their private life if they know they can count on their parents. 

We hope that our organizational tips and suggestions will help parents find more time to be with their kids and enjoy their upbringing. 

After all, we brought them to this world to make our lives better, as we. So, let’s commit ourselves to our children and show them care and attention every single day. 


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