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Safe Home made playing dough- loved by kids..

My daughter just loves to play with colorful playing dough. She got the playing dough in her second birthday by one of her aunt. After that , I noticed she really enjoyed making different shapes and just love to spend time with it in compare to other toys. But one day I noticed, she is taking it in her mouth unconsciously(normally every kids has the habit of putting things in their mouth). I was worried when I saw  her taking the dough in her mouth. So I decided to prepare the dough by myself and got the idea from Google maharaj.😀

Ingredients required:
1. Wheat flour – 1 bowl
2. Cornflour – 1/2  bowl
3. Baking soda- 1/4 tsp
4. Salt – 1 tsp
5. oil – 2 tsp
6. Food colors- a pinch
7. water – as required for making the dough



Mix all the dry ingredients and oil except the colors. Now divide the flours in 4 parts and prepare the dough separately by putting different colors in different portion. Greece the dough with little bit of oil.

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Another Option:

If you don’t want to add food colors or food color is not available right now in your kitchen, there is one more option which will satisfy us much as a mother.

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Variety of vegetables are always available in our fridge specially when a kid is in the home. We can add colors to the playing dough with the help of vegetables also.
For red color  – Grind a beat root and add half bowl of hot water to it. Strain the water with kitchen net .The water  come out is dark red in color. Use the colored water to make the dough.
For yellow color – It is very simple to give yellow color to the dough. just use turmeric powder.
For green color – Grind some spinach leaf and make a  paste. Add half cup of hot water to it. Filter the water with net. You get a green color water. Make the dough with this water.
For orange color – You can use the carrot in the same way as you use the beetroot and spinach.

Isn’t it a good idea ? What you say?

shri made

Put the clay in the refrigerator after your kids play with it. Its life is 15 to 20 days. Put it in an air tight container. After 10 days just use your mumma’s sense in judging whether its quality is still good or not.

If You put it in freezer it will long last for more than a month. But please use your own judgment by smelling the dough. I just take it out 3 to 4 hours before my daughter playing time.

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  1. It increases the thinking power of your kids as his mind started running out in giving a best shape to the colorful clay. just a little guidance from parents are required.
  2. You can teach them alphabets easily with the help of playing dough, that I did.😊
  3. It is the best way to make your kids engage.

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