21 General Knowledge Questions for 3 year kids.

Experts says learning power in growing babies are much more in comparison to adults.
It’s really true. Whatever we teach our kids in there childhood, they remember it life long.
Here is the video of my 3 year old daughter answering some questions that I taught her .

I have not spend much time to get her learn all this. Just made her  fooding time a quality time.
I tell you feeding a baby is one of the most challenging task for mothers. My daughter spend half an hour easily to finish half paratha. So I decided to enjoy this time instead of loosing my patience. I taught her many rhymes , family members name , her relation with them, birth date of her, our house address. I think these are the first things we should teach our baby when they started to understand things. Alphabet and numbers are the second think after that . In between some general knowledge questions can be taught, and really kids enjoyed grasping it. One most important think ,don’t forget to reward your kids with “excellent, brilliant, awesome, good beta,love you beta, you are the best etc. These word helps in building their confidence and encourage them to always learn something new.

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Your promises means a lot for your child

Give different puzzles and game to your baby. it will develop his mind. I have mentioned some of them that I purchase for my daughter.

Here I go with all the Questions that your kids must know. Be ready to answer all these questions firstly to yourself then let your darling kiddo aware of it. But remember 1 or 2 questions a day is more than enough. Let him digest it properly then introduce a new one. Ask the question to your baby anytime that you taught him, if he remember the answer say well done but if he forget then again repeat the answer with a smile on your face. I bet next time he will surely give the right answer.




So here we go . All the best

    1. What is your Name , Father name, Mother Name, Grand Parents Name and there relation with them.

    2. Place where they live, Address is the important part.
    3. Tell them her age
    4. Country Name and its Capital.
    5. City name and its state name.
    6. Clear the concept of living and Non-living Being.
    7. What tree gives to us and what we gives to tree.
    8. Color of Nations Flag.
    9. Colors of traffic light and and what all lights resembles for.
    10. Important person of your country like Prime Minister name.
    11. Ship of Desert : Never miss a chance to take your kids to the zoo. There your can introduce them with different animals.
    12. Weeks and months name.
    13. Largest animal in the world.

  1. Father of nation.
  2. National bird , animal, tree,game,flower, fruit etc.
  3. Tell them about different shapes and colors. Shapes and color can be learn by kids in 2 to 3 years.
  4. Introduce them with computers different parts like monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.
  5. Tell them which place is called the heaven of Earth.
  6. National song.
  7. National Anthem.
  8. Teach them Good night and Good Morning manners and folding her hands towards there elders and showing respect to elder is one of the important thing you must teach your baby.

Introduce some educational toys to your baby. this one help me in clearing the shapes concept. She really enjoyed Playing with it.

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Remember , this is not an overnight process as kids are very moody. Let them enjoy there childhood and go according to them.

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