February 24, 2017

Why early learning is so important???

Researchers show that half of the child’s adult intelligence is formed during the first 5 years.

That is why it is very important that parents have to provide their child the best possible environment at home and choose a preschool which has a stimulating environment that will shape his entire life.importance of early learning,

Our little ones brain is just like a blank paper and we parents work for them as a permanent marker, what we tell them , what we do in-front of them all get imprinted in their mind forever.

Kids have the urge to know about everything that surrounds them. Their mind is full of curiosities and new ideas. Its the duty of parents to listen and answer all their curiosities and make them satisfied.

Want to share today’s incident with all mothers. When I took my daughter for a nap after lunch, I always ask her to put questions which came in her little mind about anything .That’s my daily routine because its very common in every children, when we ask them to sleep that was the time when they talk the most. 😁So I decided to let her talk for a while instead of saying again and again, “soo jao  bacha soo jao”.

So today she asked “mumma bedsheets kaise banti hai”, Wow I feel so good and surprised that her little mind think so much. I started answering her, after some time she said, mumma google pe pics dikhao na printing factories ki. I was just like😳 haww.😃

One thing I learned from today’s incident, what terms we parents use in our day to day life , out little one catches that easily, it doesn’t matter how tricky it was.
Experts says learning power in growing babies are much more in comparison to adults.
It’s really true. Whatever we teach our kids in there childhood, they remember it life long.
Here is the video of my 3 year old daughter answering some questions that I taught her .



I have not spend much time to get her learn all this. Just made her  fooding time a quality time.
I tell you feeding a baby is one of the most challenging task for mothers. My daughter spend half an hour easily to finish half paratha.importance of early learning, So I decided to enjoy this time instead of loosing my patience.

I taught her many rhymes , family members name , her relation with them, birth date of her, our house address. I think these are the first things we should teach our baby when they started to understand things. Alphabet and numbers are the second think after that . In between some general knowledge questions can be taught, and really kids enjoyed grasping it. One most important think , don’t forget to reward your kids with “excellent, brilliant, awesome, good beta,love you beta, you are the best etc. These word helps in building their confidence and encourage them to always learn something new.

Please share with me your child activities, what he is interested in. What you make him learn at his starting age. I will be happy to read it.

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