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Mouth watering Khatta meetha ber/jujube pickle(oil free)

Wow one of my childhood favorite fruit has so many benefits. I never knew about it’s benefits, I used to eat it only because of its taste. Every year after my marriage I used to prepare its pickle. It just tastes wow(mouth watering). In my childhood my badi mummy(taiji) used to prepare it and I...Read More

Beet Root sandwich sticks.

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Today I tried a healthy sandwich, with beetroot stuffing. And guess  what? Everyone in my family enjoyed it in the same way they enjoy other sandwiches , but this time I was much more happy while serving it to the family because I was serving a tasty as well as a healthy dish to my...Read More

Top 21 food to increase breast milk- a Nature’s food for baby.

Will my milk is enough? Since we cannot measure the number of ounce of milk a breastfeed baby gets, many mothers wonder whether it is enough. Remember, it is Nature’s food for the baby, the same nature that nourished the baby inside the womb and made it form into a little human being. If you...Read More

Herbal milk at your home – uncountable benefits(best drink before and after bed)

When winter starts, my father-in-law started reminding me of the herbal drink(prepared with milk) that I always prepare for my family during winters. Most of us know the benefits of ginger, tulsi(basil leaf), raw turmeric but still, I want to tell some more about it so that you may get the urge of preparing this...Read More

Sabudana Porridge – very effective to cure diarrhea

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Tapioca Sago is commonly Known as “SABUDANA साबुदाना” in Hindi, “Sabakki” in Kannada or Javvarisi in Tamil, “Saggubiyyam” in Telugu. Sabudana (Sago) is a produce, prepared purely from Tapioca Root (cassavva root or arbi in Hindi ) Sabudana is considered to be an excellent  foods for your baby due to the numerous health benefits that...Read More

Diarrhea – causes, solution and home remedies for infants and kids

I can easily feel the pain of a mother when their baby is suffering from loose motion. It doesn’t matter sometimes that how careful you are…it can be happened with many reasons Some are ….. 1.When baby is on exclusive breastfeed and sometimes mother take lots of spicy food. I remember when my daughter is...Read More

Sample Food Chart for 1-2 year baby

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By first birthday your child should be eating from the family pot 3-4 times in a day. He should take only 2-3 breast feeds and mostly eat everyday household food and seasonal fruits. When my daughter turned one, I was so happy to introduce all varieties of food that are restricted to below one year…Read More

Finger and thumb sucking – What to do about it..

  Finger sucking is often a symptom of hunger, boredom, shyness, teething, fatigue and sleep. Some newborn babies put their fingers in the mouth as a signal of hunger. But around 3 month they again start putting their fingers in the mouth. Actually every child do this differently. When my daughter started sucking her thumb…Read More