June 29, 2016

suji/rava pancake – Healthy quick dish for baby/toddlers/kids

I am thinking of telling about this easy and healthy recipe from many days. Finally writing today. This recipe is very near to my heart since my childhood. And now getting a chance to share it with everyone especially with mother’s who have fussy eater at their home. My daughter is so fussy eater sometime I feel like crying.. at that time rava pancake helps me out. She at least open her mouth again and  again for it. So without taking much time I am directly jumping to a very simple recipe that anyone can prepare easily.

Benefits of suji

  1. Semolina is Rich in Potassium, Iron, Proteins.
  2. Suji doesn’t cause constipation in babies.
  3. Suji is easy to digest and non allergenic food.
  4. Potassium in Suji/ rava or Semolina improves heart health.
  5. Suji is a balanced food, low on cholesterol and low on sodium.
  6. Suji tastes great and is acceptable to adults as well as children.
  7. Suji has plenty of proteins, carbohydrates and iron as well as vitamin B & E.

Actually their are many more benefits, but I think this much benefits is enough to add it in your kitchen😂
Ingredients required

  1. Sooji/rava/samolina – 3-4 tsp if preparing only for your baby. Its taste is so good while making your baby eat, half gone into your stomach. 😂
  2. Curd – 1 tsp (It makes it more healthier as curd adds protein.)
  3. Salt to taste – For 1 year above baby.
  4. Black pepper – a pinch
  5. Water – For getting the required consistency
  6. Mustard seeds – a pinch(optional)
  7. Oil/ghee/butter –  (Depends on how much you like to use while cooking) Better prefer home made ghee while preparing it for your dear one.
  8. You can add any vegetables according to your child likes, like onion, spinach, beetroot, carrot, cabbage,capsicum,coriander leafs etc. Try to add veggies in grated form. It become easy for kids to have it easily.

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Method of Preparation

…………………...Making the batter…………………….

  1. Take a bowl and add Semolina (Suji). Add Curd and mix well.
  2. Add 1/4 cup water in Semolina to make a smooth paste.
  3. Add black pepper  and Salt. Mix Well.
  4. Suji might loose its consistency while mixing. If required, add some more water to bring to dropping consistency because suji soaks more water.
  5. The paste should neither be too thick nor too liquid. Maintain a dropping consistency.
  6. You can leave it for half an hour so that suji soaks some water and become soft. But its not a compulsion. Instant preparation also give nice taste and texture.




…………………………Making the pancakes………………………….

  1. Take a flat base pan /tawa and heat it on high flame for 2 minutes.
  2. After 2 minutes, spread 1 tsp of Oil or butter on pan surface equally.
  3. At this time, the pan would be hot enough to start cooking.pic2
  4. Turn stove to low flame and spread 3 tsp of batter on pan using a spoon. Try to add 3 tsp in one shot even if you have to use a bigger sized spoon.Once you drop the paste, press it at the center with spoon and rotate in circle to form a round shaped flat-bread.Do not overstretch. The circle should have a diameter of about 4 inches.If your pan is big enough to hold more than 1 cake, you can certainly cook more simultaneously.pic3 pic4
  5. Spread few drops (4-5) of Oil on top  of pan cake.                                                                    pic5
  6. Use a spatula to lift the pan-cake bottom to check, if it has turned golden brown from bottom .                                                                             .pic6
  7. Now turn it over (flip) and cook from other side too.pic7
  8. Once golden brown, it is ready.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      pic8
  9. Garnish it with coriander leaves and enjoy with  Home made Tomato sauce or green coriander  chutney .


  • Suji pancake is good for baby above 8 month.
  • Can give as a finger food to baby, but take care of the choking hazards.
  • Avoid salt till one year of age, if baby don’t like its taste without salt you can add a pinch.
  • This pancake is Good enough for lunch box but pack it when it get cool enough.

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Neetu Modi
Neetu Modi
Neetu Modi

Easy recipe tasty n healthy
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