August 20, 2015

Home made Cerelac – with ragi/wheat/rice

Hello ladies ,what I m posting today is really very helpful for all newly mothers. As most of the mother are confused that what is the right food for their baby after he completed his six month. And one more problem mothers are facing is that ‘ is that the ready-made celerac available in market is good for their babies heath as today we found things with adulteration. But our babies stomach is just so delicate, so we must keep in mind that what we give to them must be pure and properly checked.

I started to prepare this from ninth month end so that I can give in hertenth month food.Home made cerelac for babies is one of the richest food which gives wholesome energy and strength. It is filling and I used to give it in breakfast to my daughter.

Ingredients :

1 kg – ragi

1/2 kg – wheat

1/2 kg – rice

1 cup – whole green gram

1 cup – arhar daal

50 gm -almonds

50 gm – green pista (pistachios)

50 gm – kanju (cashew nuts)

1 tea spoon – jeera (cumin seeds)

1 tea spoon – methi (fenugreek)

1 tea spoon – black pepper seeds

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Step by Step method with pics :-






Instruction :

  • Wash ragi ,wheat, rice, green gram, arhar daal(tuwar daal) and allow it to sun dry properly for 5 -6 hours.

  • Roast all the five ingredients separately taking care not to be burn .

  • Almonds , pistachios , cashew nuts should be roasted with all the five ingredients.

  • Roast cumin seeds, methi and black pepper together.

  • Allow all the ingredients to cool down and make a fine flour and store in a airtight container.

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How to Prepare :

With Water – Take a pan and put 1 spoon of celerac in it. You can increase the quantity if your baby finished it easily. Now put one cup of water and stir it until it started boiling. Lower the flame and allow it to simmer for 1-2 minutes and then let it be cool down. Put little bit of sugar or Palm sugar in it If baby is 0ne year plus.. Add jaggery or palm sugar for below one year baby .Once the porridge is cooked , it starts coming off from the edge towards the center of the kadai in which its cooked and the consistency changes from liquid to a thicker one. Add one spoon of  home made ghee to make it much healthier.


Note :

  • Sugar and salt should be avoided until baby completes one year.
  • First try to give cerelac without adding any sugar . If baby take it easily , then no need to add sugar.
  • Start with a very small quantity first.

Please share your baby reaction after having this cerelac and don’t forget to share the recipe with your friends.😀

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