September 23, 2015

Food for 9-10 Months old Baby

When your baby become 9 months old he/she can accept a variety of foods and fruits 3-4 times in a day. He is able to use lips to clear a spoon , can chew and effectively move his tongue to swallow the food.

  • Does your baby hold most foods while eating ?Drink from a cup with a little help ? Hold and lick the spoon after it is dipped into food? These are the first steps in learning how to eat by one’s self.
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  • If baby always grabs for the spoon, you can make meals easier by using two spoons – one for you and one for him. While baby practices, you can feed him a few spoonfuls.
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  • Let your little one try out the new skill of picking things up with her thumb and forefinger. Sometimes baby will chomp down on the spoon with her new teeth–so hard you can’t remove it from her mouth. She’s playing a game. Laugh and offer her another spoonful of food. If she’s hungry, she’ll let go of the spoon in her mouth.



  • By now baby can eat most things the rest of the family eats–just take his portion out before you add chilly and other seasonings. Don’t give baby round and slippery foods, such as grapes or hard foods such as nuts, seeds or popcorn, that could choke him


Vegetables : Almost all (Except bitter ground (karela) and lady finger (bhindi) because infants are unable to digest them.

Fruits : Apart from banana ,baby should now be offered chickoo, apple, papaya and orange. He should be given fresh De-skinned fruit without any stewing or cooking. Give seasonal fruits to your child and do not waste resources for purchase of non-seasonal grapes and pomegranate. Give it when its season come. Guava (Amrood) , a relatively affordable fruit, is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin c) and fiber.

It is much better to give fresh whole fruit instead of fruit juices.

CEREALS / GRAINS : Oats, Wheat, Rice , Broken Wheat , khichari, dal/ lentils (moong and tuwar dal is preferred) as other dals are hard to digest.

DAIRY : the intake of breast feeds would decreases but he would be taking milk products like Cheese (cottage cheese preferably home made) , butter , butter milk, yogurt

NON VEG : Egg yolks (No whites ) , Fish , Chicken

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  • He will enjoy chapathi soaked in dal or vegetable gravy. Most children love fried puri. My daughter too loved it.
  • Chaphati stuffed with potato or paneer or some other vegetables was also liked baby. Offer very small small bites by properly mashing it with your fingers.
  • The child should not be forced fed ,instead should be encouraged to feed himself.Let the child enjoy his food and get a feeling that you are his friend and not an aggressive animal trainer.
  • He will create some mess and spill the food but he will soon learn to self -feed without undue fuss later in life.



  • You should be totally relaxed and show utmost patience while feeding the toddler.Do not hurry the child. The child may eat a bit,play in-between and then eat again. Feed the child when he is hungry not tired or sleepy.
  • Meal time should be pleasant experience for the child and not a tug of war between him and the rest of the family.


Friends you can also refer this video for preparing vegetable puree for your little customer. really a healthy food to provide


Feeding. In a 24 hour period she requires solid foods thrice a day along with 24 to 32 ounces of either breast milk or formula milk. By this stage, your baby will be eating a variety of foods and may participate actively during mealtime by self-feeding and drinking from a sipper.

Sleeping. In a 24 hour period, she will require around 14 hours of sleep including nighttime sleep and naps. Typically she will be napping two times a day in the morning and afternoon.

Other activities. She will need time to play, and interact with you. She will also work on new skills such as language development and more strength and dexterity over her motor skills.

Hope you get some idea about the food habits of 9 to 10 months babies. To get regular updates please subscribe to my blog and my face book page.

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