December 31, 2015

15 ways to handle/ manage your Child’s Anger

I know some parents must be thinking (wondering) that “Do child get angry?” “How they express their anger?”.

Yes even babies can get angry and if you as a parent, don’t control their anger in proper time, it might grow as a habit to them.  See how infant show their anger:😮

  • The usual expression of anger is that child drop on the floor and starts yelling and pounding with his hands and feet and even bang his head as he is not big enough to abuse or attack the parents.
  • Children who are stubborn and not easily dis-tractable and those with intense emotions are likely to have more frequent and violent tantrums.
  • Sudden out-bursts of anger in young children (usually 1-3 years) are called temper tantrums.
  • The child with a chronic medical problem is likely to have more frequent and violent tantrums. In this case it is obvious that the child become irritated with his/her problem that he is facing. So he express his emotions with his anger.




  • It helps the child to “let off his steam” as a sign of anger, frustration and happiness.
  • The tantrums may be much more when some of his demands are not fulfilled or he is being forced to eat or his cloth is being changed without his desire or he is being given a bath, or merely for seeking attention.
  • He is in a sullen mood and demonstrates development of his ego and individuality and is trying to send a message that “ he cannot be taken for granted”.

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How to Handle the Angry Child?

There are some tricks that you can apply when your baby show tantrum. Babies don’t understand properly what you say, but you can easily make them understand with your expression and your love towards them. Parents have to handle this temper tantrums with utmost care because parents behavior directly effects the child behavior.

  1. It is best to show “intelligent neglect” when child throws a tantrum. Child often cools off quickly and meekly if you go in your own business as a matter-of-fact manner.
  2. Never scold the child and argue with him but handle the situation with common sense and patience.
  3. It is unwise to counteract his tantrum by showing your own temper. You should not shout but be firm and considerate.
  4. Every wish of the child should not be fulfilled and he must learn to handle frustration from time to time. You should not feel helpless and at his mercy otherwise he will “black mail” you and make it a habit to get what he want.
  5. If you try to honor and fulfill every demand and wish of your child, then there is no end of it.
  6. Help the child to feel angry about fewer things and he should try to communicate his anger without throwing a tantrums.
  7. Many young children do understand when you try to explain to them the futility of their prank. You must remember that a young child understand a lot more language than he can express. preschool_729-620x349
  8. Hunger, fatigue and boredom are common causes of outbursts of temper tantrums. Be sure that your child is getting enough sleep, having his meals on time and is occupied playing with his toys and friends.
  9. Children are like barometers for the emotional climate around them: if you’re stressed, they will be too, if you’re relaxed, so will they be. So create a happy/healthy environment around them.
  10. Plan a good and busy day for your child. Like in the morning hours give a slice of bread or chapati in his hand and ask him to give to cow or dog or birds. Babies become very happy when they see different animals or birds. And its a good and healthy habit that you are putting in your baby.
  11. If your baby is cranky and started yelling for nothing, take him to the park, play with him, let her enjoy the rides. 😝The Role of parents
  12. Divert his mind in other things. If  baby sometime get cranky and patting there legs in the floor, curdle him in your arm, take him to the balcony. Show him the people , car, cycles in the road. Show him pets, birds. It will definitely change his mood.
  13. Dance in-front of your kids, make funny faces, 😛 laugh loudly when your child show anger. It will divert his mind and he started laughing.
  14. Encouraging a child to do things he enjoys — drawing, dancing, coloring — can also help refocus his thoughts away from anger. Behavioral1
  15. Happiness is the one and only key that minimize the tamper tantrum/anger😀. If your child stops behaving aggressively, give her lots of praise. Hug him, take him in your lap, love him,curdle him, kiss him. It send a massage to your baby that , if he behave like a good boy , his mumma love him much more.

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After the age of 4 years, children learn and use other ways and mean to show their anger and frustration. Remember, anger is not a problem if you know how to handle them.

Friends, do let me know, how you manage your angry naughty baby. Please share this post as much possible and help other mothers to handle their child’s anger, as we all know sharing is caring.

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